Ride Dragons in World of Warcraft

Blizzard has been in some hot water over the last year or so, but hopefully, after being scquired by MIcrosoft the culture in the studio changes and fans can get excited for the next World of Warcraft expansion again — Dragonflight.
Dragonflight Wo W expansion
12-year-old me would be screaming in excitement. | © Blizzard Entertainment

Sure, I have to admit, I haven't played WoW since I was 16 and the Lich king was running rampant. The moment Pandas entered the scene, I was out, but this upcoming expansion looks incredible. So, what is the new major expansion all about and when can we expect it to be released by Blizzard?

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Expansion Officially Announced

Dragonflight. Even the name sounds epic already, right? On April 19, 2022 Blizzard dropped the trailer for the next World of Warcraft expansion which tells the story of the Watchers and colorful dragons who proclaim to be the protectors of Azeroth.

When Does the Expansion Take Place?

World of Warcraft Dragonflight starts off 10,000 years go in the Dragon Iseles — at least the trailer does. These isles have four levelling zones, plus a special starting zone unique to the new race that is going to be added with this expansion — the Dracthyr. The Dracthyr are tied to the new Evoker class, which is a hybrid of ranged DPS and healer.

If you're curious what the Dragon Isles look and feel like, then check out the official trailer for the expansion below:

What Is Being Added Into the Dragonflight Expansion?

We already touched upon the new race and new class which is going to be added into the game, but there is much more that Blizzard will work on.

  • New Race & Class: Dracthyr Evoker
  • Talent System & Professions Revamp
  • New Feature: Dragonriding
  • User Interface Update
  • New Zones, Dungeons, & Raids

What We Know About Dragonriding

Now, the most exciting part of all that is probably the new aerial mount system. Dragonriding will be possible in the new expansion and if anyone grew up reading books like Eragon, then this is a dream come true.

Hell, players can even raise and customize their own dragons, which makes these mounts much more interactive. According to the official Blizzard website, there are ways to make special moves with ones dragon by mastering new maneuvers and even once you're at maximum level you can continue to learn how to fly your dragon around Azeroth.

What We Know About the New Race and Class

As already mentioned, the Dracthyr will be a new race that will ship with the expansion. These creatures can freely switch between a humanoid look and a fearsome draconic form.

When choosing to play as a Dracthyr you'll also have a brand-new starting experience to learn how to use your abilities before venturing off into dungeons and fights.

As already mentioned, Dracthyr will be played as Evokers, which is a new class in the game as well. As an Evoker players will fight mid-range with claws and fiery breath, but also have life-giving magic to heal and help their allies.

When Is the Release Date for WoW Dragonflight?

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for the expansion just yet, though many believe that it will be shipped in late 2022. Though, judging by the delays for Shadowlands, we might have to wait a bit longer than expected.