Dr Disrespect's NFT Shooter Looks... Trash

Leaker and industry-insider Tom Henderson recently shared footage of Dr Disrespect's new game... and it looks terrible.

Deadrop Disrespect game
These are the graphics that will apparently kill CoD... | © Midnight Society

Did you even know Dr Disrespect started his own gaming studio? Well, he has, and he's working on a "Triple-A" shooter. To be precise, it's going to be a Tarkov-like Battle Royale (which everyone seems to be focused on making nowadays, even Call of Duty). It will be called Deadrop, and it will feature NFTs in-game, but if recently leaked footage is to be believed, it's still decades from release...

Dr Disrepect's New Game Looks Massively Disappointing

Footage of Dr Disrespect's new game, Deadrop, has emerged online, and it looks far worse than the influencer claimed it would. Early this year, he said it would put even Modern Warfare II's IW9 engine to shame:

For context this is how good Modern Warfare II looks. That's how impressive he claimed it would be, but here's what the game actually looks like:

Yeah... that is not good. That is very, very far from good. Those graphics look on par with Warzone Mobile, as Henderson suggests. So rest assured, this game will absolutely not be a CoD-killer. Nope, the only thing that's going to kill CoD is Warzone 2 if it fails to impress with another map like Caldera.

Of course, this is still a game in development, so we expect it to look better on launch. But if it's still in this state so far into development, we shouldn't believe the hype that this going to be a "game-changer".

What do you think? Are you excited for Dr Disrespects game, or has this left you uninterested?

If there's one thing this game can do better than Warzone it's avoiding weapons like these...