Interrogations & Strongholds Coming To Warzone 2

More Warzone 2 leaks have revealed further gameplay details. We're getting interrogations and strongholds. Is this a step too far? Or will it keep Warzone interesting?
Stronghold interrogations warzone 2
How complex will Warzone 2 be? | © Activision Blizzard

Even more Warzone 2 leaks are starting to slip through the cracks. From everything we're hearing, it sounds like the devs are trying to slow the game down, introduce more long-term planning within matches, and make the looting more complex. But just recently, we heard about a couple of new additions that we never expected to see in CoD's battle royale: interrogations and strongholds.

Both of these changes will definitely force players to plan more and focus on their positioning, but will they force us to camp? Here's what we know so far about interrogations and strongholds.

Interrogations & Strongholds

As known insider Tom Henderson first reported for Exputer, Warzone 2 will be introducing interrogations and strongholds into Warzone 2. He describes the interrogation system as working in the same way Caveira does in Rainbow Six: Siege,

The interrogation feature is very similar to the interrogate feature in Rainbow Six Siege, where players can interrogate downed enemies to reveal their teammates location.

Sure, they might be "stealing" something from Siege, but it sounds like an interesting mechanic that will reward higher-skilled plays in Warzone.

Whereas strongholds sound rather unique:

Strongholds are located across the entire map and will give players something additional to do instead of just buying your Loadout at a buy station. There are around 25-30 of them spread out across the entire map (so probably just as many as the usual buy stations we’ve been accustomed to).

There are several different tiers of Strongholds too, with three large strongholds and around 20-25 smaller strongholds scattered around the map. Strongholds are typically guarded by AI and contain objectives that you need to complete in order to gain access to your loadout.

This sounds like a sure-fire way to promote camping in Warzone, but it's understandable that the devs want to cater to all playstyles.

Do you like these changes? We're undecided, but we'll surely find out more soon, with so much being leaked right now. Until then, you can check out everything we know about Warzone 2 here.