More Bad News for Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is the most infamous person on social media due to his misogynistic remarks on Instagram, TikTok and other outlets. Now one of those outlets has been shut down. Let's all rejoice.

This image gave my laptop a virus
Bye Hustlers University. | © Andrew Tatse via YouTube

We all know who Andrew Tate is by this point, right? So, we don't need to talk about his misogyny and treatment of women, correct? Oh, let's not forget his homophobic remarks as well. No, we're not here to talk about any of that, instead we are here to talk about his money making business 'Hustler's University' which has shut down it's affiliate marketing program.

What exactly is Hustler's University, and what is the affiliate marketing program? Well, it was an easy way for Andrew Tate to make quick cash and well... let's just jump into the details right now.

Hustler's University Closes Affiliate Program

Hustler's University is an online school where fans of "extreme misogynist" (do we even need the quotations??) Andrew Tate can pay for online courses promising to help them earn thousands of bucks. One of the programs, the one shut down, enabled followers to earn commissions for signing up new members.

Fans would repost videos of Tate all over social media, which is partly one of the reasons why Tate grew such a large following so quickly, since he had a small army of lonely men posting his rants all over Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

According to The Guardian, posters were also encouraged to post the most problematic clips of Tate to gain more attention due to online arguments and thus have more people sign up for his online academy.

On August 20, Hustler's University has shut down it's affiliate program stating that it has "no future". Why so suddenly? Did getting kicked off Facebook and Instagram ruin this man's whole career? Or was it because of Stripe – the payment platform the 'school' (can we even call it that?!) used – pulled out of processing the payments for Hustler's Academy?

Stripe never commented directly on why they stopped processing payments, but they do have policies against "get rich quick schemes" and well... doesn't this affiliate program just scream Pyramid scheme?