Rick and Morty Season 6 | When Will It Come Out & What Can We Expect

Season 5 introduced us to Evil Morty's master plan and left us hanging as to how it ended. Soon, we will see how things continued for the crazy alcoholic scientist and his dorky sidekick.

I just realized that Rick and Morty season 6 is right around the corner. I love Rick and Morty, how the hell did I miss that... stupid Internet Explorer! Anyway, I just saw the trailer and had to let you guys know. And if you know already then... well, read on anyway. My writing is bomb AF.

So, season 6 will premiere on Sunday, September 4th on Adult Swim. That's pretty soon! So we have two pretty hype releases in the same week, with Rick and Morty and the new LotR show.

Rick and Morty Season 6: What to expect

We are going to get 10 episodes of Rick and Morty, which is pretty standard, so about 200 minutes of watch time. Dammit, I'm gonna binge-watch it in one day again...

One of the minds behind the series has opened up about some of the things we will see in season 6. There has been a great deal of attention, focusing on connecting different plots from different episodes, like with the whole Rickmurai Jack Crow plot, which was anime as f*ck. The team behind the show wants to pick some of the older, previously dropped ideas and integrate them into future seasons.

That's some MultiVersus sh*t they're up to:

Sounds great! Now, give me that Cthulhu episode/plot from the intro, or I'm gonna freaking riot!

All in all, it sounds like they don't want to do standalone episodes no more. Kinda sad because I liked that about the show, it made everything feel a little more meaningless, which I appreciated. But it's also gonna be nice to see the consequences of Rick and Morty's chaos adventures. I mean, they already did that to some extent with the Cronenberg World, or the Citadel, and that was awesome!

The first Episode of season 6 will probably start, where the fifth season ended. That's fine, I'm pretty sure we were all curious, what kinda consequences Evil Morty's big plan was gonna have. It looked pretty bad, to be honest.

I'm still optimistic about the direction the showrunner will take, as there are a multitude of cool threads and characters they could reintroduce. Let's just hope we still get some nice standalone episodes.

If you want to watch Rick and Morty season 6, you can do so on Adult Swim. So far, it seems like this will be pretty much the only way, at least for the time being. It sucks, but it looks like we have to be a little patient for the time being. And come on, it's free to watch, just like the past seasons, so don't complain!