A Rick and Morty Anime is Coming... Huh?

Adult Swim has commissioned a brand new Rick and Morty anime spin-off. What the actual...?
Rick and morty anime
It's time for a Rick and Morty... anime? | © Adult Swim

Adult Swim are going a little wild with Rick and Morty, announcing a brand new Rick and Morty anime adventure. This ain't the first time that Rick and Morty has gone a little off the rails, sure, but that doesn't make this announcement any less bizarre, confusing, or absurd. It's an animated show already, so... an anime, really?

What's more, a few more details have been revealed that are just as baffling. The show will be a stand-alone affair, so not a follow-up to Season 5, but will apparently take on the same format as the original show. We'll get into a few of the more weird pieces of related news in a minute, but first want to say something everyone is probably thinking: what the actual fork?

Rick and Morty has been an insanely successful show for Adult Swim, so it is unsurprising that they will want to get the absolute most that they can from the license. It is a weird move to make an anime, but it will also fit into the memosphere that Rick and Morty has formed around it, and fans will probably love it no matter what.

What's the Deal with the Rick and Morty Anime?

The brand-new Rick and Morty Anime will premiere on both Adult Swim and HBO Max, and will be directed by Takashi Sano of Tower of God fame. These two particular details are both pretty exciting. It's great to see HBO Max get a little more love, and Takashi Sano has delivered some pretty darn stellar content in the past.

In a statement, Takashi Sano said the following of this upcoming Rick and Morty Anime:

The multiverse-straddling exploits of Rick and the gang pose challenges to the family bond, but they always rise to the occasion... It's such a life-affirming sight, and Jerry is no exception. I am honored to have been given an opportunity to tell a new story about this amazing family. I hope you enjoy their adventures!

Takashi actually directed a short Rick and Morty anime special back in July 2020, and it was fantastic. We don't know if this new show will continue on from the anime special, but we kind-of hope so. Adult Swim also seems to be taking an interest in anime as-of-late after also giving a series order to Ninja Kamui. It might seem a bit weird, but this could actually turn out to be pretty awesome!