Morty Is Out Now In MultiVersus!

We were promised Rick & Morty since launch, and while we might need to wait a little longer for everyone's favorite professor, his grandson Morty is now available! Check it out below.

Aw geez, it’s a fighting game. | © Activision

What's been everyone's favorite cartoon in the last decade? Exactly! Rock and Morty. Okay, it became kind of cringe to be a Rick and Morty fan after a while, or at least, those fans had a bad reputation, but it's still a fantastic show. And so naturally Warner Bros were going to want to get these two into MultiVersus.

Now we have to wait a while longer for Rick, but Morty has just arrived! He's now unlockable and playable in MultiVersus, and we think he's really good. In this article you can find a brief guide on how to unlock him and a quick rundown on his abilities. Enjoy!

How Do You Unlock Morty?

To unlock Morty in MultiVersus you have to buy him with either Gold (the free currency) or Gleamium (the premium currency). Here's how much Morty costs:

  • Gleamium: 700 (approximately $8)
  • Gold: 3000

This is how much any new character costs to add to your roster, so no surprises there. And if you're spending some coin anyway we also advise picking up Lebron. Seriously, Lebron is broken in MultiVersus.

Speaking of new characters coming to MultiVersus...

Is Morty Good In MultiVersus?

Morty is really strong, but not quite broken, probably A-tier in both solos and duos. While he's technically a bruiser he plays like a mage, and has fantastic capability at range. Many players will enjoy how easy to learn and master Morty is, but his one weakness is that he lacks survivability despite having a relatively small hitbox.

What do you think about Morty? Are you going to pick him up and try him out, or does this not sound like your kind of fighter?