MultiVersus Season 1: Patch Notes, Battle Pass, New Characters & More | Everything You Need To Know

The launch of MultiVersus season 1 marks the full release of the game and promises a slew of new content. What can MultiVersus players expect, what is the new content, and what will the big patch bring? We got all the details you need.

Multi Versus Season 1 Official Release
MultiVersus season 1 will get Black Adam & Stripe as new characters. | © WB Games

MultiVersus from developer Player First Games conquered the world by storm since its soft launch into an open beta. The free-to-play crossover fighting game is a huge success and people are having a good time. But this was just the beginning. MultiVersus is planned as a life-service game, where new content will constantly be delivered to the game. Season 1 will not just mark the proper release of MultiVersus, but also the first batch of new content for the game, like new characters, cosmetics and more. Let's see what we can expect from MultiVersus Season 1.

MultiVersus Season 1 – All Changes & New Content

MultiVersus season 1 brings some exciting new features to the game. | © Twitter / MultiVersus

From a fresh battle pass full of new cosmetics to new fighters for the roster and even new modes; there is a lot to look forward to. Season 1 has now officially started and the first big patch has dropped. Here's everything that's coming to MultiVersus season 1, including info on new characters and modes, as well as all details on the new battle pass and the full patch notes for the season 1 update.

How Long Season 1 Will Go On For

The MultiVersus season 1 starts on August 15 and ends on November 15. The start date was officially confirmed on Twitter. The release date was first delayed, after originally being slated for a launch on August 9. But thankfully, the delay wasn't too bad, and now we have Season 1.

Around the time the delay was announced, the official MultiVersus Twitter account revealed that the pre-season pass would be extended from August 8 to August 15, suggesting that we will get season 1 then. And it turns out that this hint was correct!

New Modes

Player First Games revealed more info on Season 1 during Evo 2022. It was confirmed that Season 1 will bring new modes to MultiVersus. An image posted on the official MultiVersus channel (see above) showed some of the content coming to Season 1, including two new modes: a "classic arcade mode" and a Ranked mode.

Ranked will presumably work like in similar titles and is an exciting addition to the game. How the arcade mode will work is not clear yet, but leaks suggest that it will be a PvE single player mode, where players can fight against the AI. We will have to wait and see how it works, as it has been confirmed by the developers that both modes will come at a later point during season 1 of MultiVersus.

New Characters

Multiversus Season 1 Rick Morty
MultiVersus season 1 will see the inclusion of Rick & Morty. | © WB Games

New characters will come to MultiVersus during season 1. We already know that Rick & Morty from the iconic animated series will come to the game. Morty is now in the MultiVersus roster since August 23. However, we still don't know when exactly his crazy uncle Rick will join the fight. Rick already appears in the game in the form of cameos, his little buddy Morty is going to join soon after the start of season 1. However, with the delay of it, the inclusion of Morty was also pushed back.

LeBron James has already been added to the game during the beta. Check him out here:

Developer Player First Games confirmed that other characters will join the roster of MultiVersus during this season, and we finally know which ones: Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins!

A recent leak suggests that tons of characters will join the game over time, and these two were in that list as well. However, we don't know when exactly they will join the roster, but it will be at some point during MultiVersus season 1.

Battle Pass

With season 1, a new Battle Pass has come to MultiVersus. We now know what's included in the battle pass, which has a free and a premium version. The paid versions costs 950 Gleamium ($9.99) and both have 50 tiers. Furthermore, it looks like the Battle Pass progress could be sharable with a friend. Click this link to see everything in the MultiVersus season 1 battle pass.

Patch Notes – Season 1 Update 1.0 & 1.1

With the start of season 1, MultiVersus got two big patches addressing a lot of different issues. Here are some of the highlights from the patches for Version 1.0 and 1.1:

  • Morty is added to the game!
  • Finn, Velma, Taz and Iron Giant have been nerfed, among many balance changes with the characters.
  • XP rewards have been increased
  • Tons of bug fixes

This is just a small selection of everything that's coming with the patch. You can see the full MultiVersus update 1.0 & 1.1 patch notes here.