MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass: Tiers, Rewards, Price & More

The new MultiVersus season 1 battle pass is here and offers a ton of new rewards. Here we show you the price, as well as all rewards and tiers for the battle pass.

Hottest Multi Versus Skins harley Quinn Default
The MultiVersus season 1 battle pass offers a lot of new content. | © WB Games

MultiVersus season 1 is here and with it, we're getting a ton of new content, including new characters and modes. But we obviously also got a whole battle pass for season 1, which we will look at in excruciating detail here. What is included in the battle pass, how many tiers does it have, and what is the price? Read on to find out all the answers.

If you want to see an overview of everything coming to MultiVersus season 1, check out our dedicated article on it:

MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass – Price & Rewards

The battle pass mainly features cosmetics, like skin variants, banners and stickers. As usual for these kinds of games, there are two different versions: a free and a premium version. The MultiVersus season 1 battle pass has 50 tiers, with the premium version costing 950 Gleamium ($9.99).

MultiVersus Season 1 Free Battle Pass Rewards

You can earn rewards without paying a cent, which is always nice. The free rewards are not quite as good as the premium ones, and not every tier will yield a reward. But it's still a pretty good selection of items and currency rewards. Here's everything in the MultiVersus season 1 free battle pass:


Item NameItem Type
120 Minutes Adventure (Rick & Morty)Profile Icon
2Gold x250Gold


Double RingoutsBadge
5Bat Emblem (DC Comics)Profile Icon
6Toasts x5Toasts
7Danger: High VoltageBanner
9Nymeria (Game of Thrones)Profile Icon
10Gold x250Gold
15Reindog Heart (Reindog)Profile Icon
16XP BoostXP Boost
18Mistakes Were MadeBanner
19Ringout LeaderBadge
21Toasts x5Toasts
23Zanifeer’s Last Hope (Reindog)Banner
25Pink Diamond Gem (Steven Universe)Profile Icon
27XP BoostXP Boost
29Gold x250Gold
30Highest Damage DealtBadge
32Ghosts in Them There HillsBanner
34Gold x250Gold
35Toasts x5Toasts
37Gold x250Gold
39Braavos (Game of Thrones)Banner


41I’m Pickle Rick (Rick & Morty)Profile Icon
42Toasts x5Toasts
45Gold x250Gold
47Soothing EnergyRingout VFX
48Toasts x5Toasts
50LeBron James – I’m Freakin’ RobinVariant

MultiVersus Season 1 Premium Battle Pass Rewards

For a measly 700 Gleamium, you can get a full 50 tiers of higher quality rewards for MultiVersus. Here you have more skin variants, more voice lines and even more XP boosts, among other things. Here's everything in the MultiVersus season 1 premium battle pass:


Item NameItem Type
1Taz Tune Squad ’96Variant
2Reindog YawnTaunt


XP BoostXP Boost
4Toasts x10Toasts
5Finn HappySticker
6The Daily Planet (DC Comics)Banner
7Sun Scream (Rick & Morty)Ringout VFX
8Superman HoverTaunt
9Toasts x10Toasts
10Mystery Inc (Scooby-Doo)Banner
11Harley Quinn Task Force XVariant
12XP BoostXP Boost
13House Stark (Game of Thrones)Banner
14Toasts x10Toasts
15Harley MadSticker
16Iron Giant TeaseTaunt
17Jinkies! G-G-Ghost! (Scooby-Doo)Banner
18Green Lantern Finish (DC Comics)Ringout VFX
19XP BoostXP Boost
20Flashback GarnetVariant
21Merry Melodies (Looney Tunes)Banner
22Shaggy Kung FuTaunt
23Toasts x10Toasts
24Wonder Woman (DC Comics)Banner
25Gossamer (Looney Tunes)Ringout VFX
26XP BoostXP Boost
27The Caped Crusader (DC Comics)Banner
28Toasts x10Toasts
29Steven Universe Wipe GemTaunt
30Jake SweatSticker
31The Man of Steel (DC Comics)Banner
32XP BoostXP Boost
33Toasts x10Toasts
34Gem Bubbles (Steven Universe)Ringout VFX
35Leader of the PackBanner
36Velma SurprisedSticker
37LeBron James SilencerTaunt
38Batman NeutralSticker
39Mushroom ExplosionRingout VFX
40Toasts x10Toasts
41A Universe of PotentialBanner
42Detectives Tom & JerryVariant
43Say Your Prayers, Varmint! (Looney Tunes)Ringout VFX
44Jake DanceTaunt
45Bugs Bunny HeartsSticker
46Harley Quinn Mallet PoseTaunt
47Toasts x10Toasts
48Boo-t of Armor (Scooby-Doo)Banner
49Deploy Batwing (DC Comics)Ringout VFX
50Brunhilde Bugs BunnyVariant

The MultiVersus season 1 battle pass features a lot of different cosmetics like stickers and skin variants, as well as other nice goodies like new taunts and voice lines. However, you can't earn any Gleamium (the premium currency) with the battle pass. That is actually a shame and will most likely annoy some players. But outside of that, it's a pretty decent offer. MultiVersus season 1 will end on November 15, so you have around three months to level up through the battle pass.