MultiVersus Tier List | The Best Characters For Singles And Doubles

Our MultiVersus tier list ranks every character in the game based on how strong they are. We've rated the best characters for both Singles and Doubles. Trust us, some MultiVersus characters are pitifully weak compared to others, so read carefully.

Multiversus Tier List
MultiVersus Tier List: We'll show you the best characters for singles and doubles. | © EarlyGame

MultiVersus has lots of characters, that's the main selling point of the game, but they aren't as equally powerful as one another. Far from it, in fact. Of course, the devs are always working on balancing the roster; they don't want any of their characters to be broken, and they don't want any of the MultiVersus characters to be so weak nobody plays them. But no devs in any game have ever created perfect balance, so you can give yourself a huge advantage if you pick the strongest character.

Some characters excel in singles, while others are better at doubles, so we've provided you with tier lists for both sets. We'll start by looking at the best MulitVersus characters for 2v2, which is the more popular mode. You can find our 1v1 tier ranking further down.

MultiVersus Tier List: The Best Characters For Doubles

Best Multiversus doubles characters 2
Who is the best of the best? | © EarlyGame / Warner Bros

S-Tier Characters For 2v2

These characters absolutely slap. Even if you're playing with a buddy who wants to play as someone that's trash, the following MultiVersus characters are so strong in the 2v2 format that you should still be at an advantage.

  • Velma: Velma might not be amazing in singles, but she is god-like in doubles. She might not be finishing all the kills, but she'll be putting out absurd damage, and which teammate wouldn't want that?
  • Tom & Jerry: Absolutely nuts, these guys can do pretty much everything, from strong ranged attacks to edge-guarding, and scrapping up-close. Expect a nerf soon because Tom & Jerry are fire at singles too. Although, this isn't an easy character, so it'll take some practice.
  • Bugs Bunny: An incredible character in every mode, especially in the current meta. What makes him great for doubles is that he can be paired with almost anybody. His ability to combo, chase and recover is second to none.

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A-Tier Characters For 2v2

Here are the generally very good characters, nobody on this list has a fatal flaw or some easy way they can be beaten. Although, they aren't quite S-Tier because they aren't "broken" so to speak.

  • Batman: He went from not great to fantastic after the recent buffs. Nowadays, he's hard to target and much more dangerous with his grapple.
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman is the opposite of Arya; she was built almost exclusively for doubles. Her whole thing is about supporting teammates, and she does it excellently. But you will need to pair her with a serious damage dealer.
  • Garnet: This is probably the most controversial on the list, but I think Garnet is slept on. She hits like a truck, and if you learn how to avoid being baited, you can really dominate. Plus, she has a great way to revive teammates when the star is out.
  • Finn The Human: Finn would be higher but since the recent nerf, we can't justify putting him in the S-tier. Don't get it twisted though, he's still a great character. He's hard to hit, and comes with plentiful utility.
  • LeBron: Not a good singles character, but he's a strong pick in doubles with a kit that's clearly focused on teamplay.

B-Tier Characters For 2v2

Everyone in this tier is still a solid MultiVersus character. They don't really shine like anyone above them, but if you have a couple of B-tier characters together, you should still be able to win your fights with good coordination.

  • Superman: He couples the survivability of a tank with the damage spikes of a bruiser. But, and this is a big but, he lacks synergies with other characters, and he's a huge target.
  • Harley Quinn: She was the golden child on launch, and she's still strong, but she's fallen off considerably in doubles thanks to the nerfs.

C-Tier Characters For 2v2

These characters are just on the precipice of being "bad picks". They're either too difficult to master, or too underwhelming to be any higher, but they can still beat the real trash characters.

  • The Iron Giant: This is a really weird one because at the moment, the Iron Giant is just okay, but he's the kind of character we can see players becoming disgusting with as the meta progresses.
  • Reindog: Reindog can help teammates out constantly, but he just can't scrap very well, and ends up taking a ton of damage.
  • Shaggy: This character is easy-to-use and good all around, with really no weaknesses. He just doesn't have as high a power ceiling as other characters, and really lacks synergies.

D-Tier Characters For 2v2

At this point, you need to start thinking of using other characters. You might love the lore, but anyone in D-Tier is at a noticeable disadvantage against the bulk of the roster.

  • Jake The Dog: I wish I could put him higher because I rate him in singles, but Jake is just so easily dealt with by a co-ordinated doubles team to be worth picking.
  • Taz: Tornado needed to be nerfed, but without that piece in his arsenal, Taz is pretty trash in doubles.
  • Steven Universe: I hate Steven Universe. I'm probably biased, and maybe the meta will develop, but right now, I'm yet to see an impressive Steven Universe.

F-Tier Characters For 2v2

What are you doing? Turn back! Here are the certified trash characters, the ones no-one can justify using until they get a full rework from the devs.

  • Arya Stark: Okay, maybe F is harsh, but Arya brings literally nothing to doubles. She's a solo only kind of character, but as you'll see beneath, she is really decent in that mode.

The Best MultiVersus Characters For Singles

Best Multi Versus Solos Characters
MultiVersus: Steven Universe is absolutely dog in singles. | © EarlyGame / Warner Bros

S-Tier Characters For 1v1

These are the best 1v1 characters in the game right now, and you should expect all pros to be using one of these. Many of the characters in this tier will be nerfed soon, but you should be playing them until that happens.

  • Finn The Human: Finn has a really janky hitbox, so thanks to that being so broken, he's amazing. Seriously, that hitbox is so annoying to target in singles. Plus, he's nutty with the right buffs.
  • Harley Quinn: Maybe she deserves A-tier since the nerf, but with her speed and damage output, we still think she deserves to make it into the A-tier.
  • Tom & Jerry: As mentioned above in the 2s tier list, Tom & Jerry can just do so damn much compared to other characters. You're basically bringing the specialization of a doubles team to a singles fight with this character.

A-Tier Characters For 1v1

These characters are very good, and have the self-sufficiency you need for singles, but they aren't game-breaking. Learning one of these characters could be a good long-term strategy because they're probably not going to get nerfed too soon.

  • Bugs Bunny: Surely a nerf is coming for Bugs Bunny? He has an insane up-air attack, and he can keep so much chaos on the battlefield, you're able to simply overwhelm the opponent. He falls off ever so slightly from doubles, but is still nuts in singles.
  • Batman: Post-buff Batman is annoying in singles but very strong, thanks to his Batarang and the ability to keep a single character at bay.
  • Jake The Dog: Perhaps some personal bias coming here... But I've fought some incredible Jake players in singles, and while he's pretty awful in doubles, he has a really good constant-harrassment kit for singles.

B-Tier Characters For 1v1

These are all decent but not great characters for singles. If you like them or just enjoy their skillset, then you should go ahead and use them, but don't expect the fights to be easy. Matches will be far from unwinnable, but it's definitely going to be harder for you against A and S-tier characters.

  • Shaggy: This is probably the best character for people who don't know what they want to play. He does everything quite well and is very easy to use, he just lacks the real power potential to get into the higher tiers.
  • Superman: He has great movement, and can be all over the place, plus, he's got great utility. But he doesn't have much outside of big power moves, so he can get baited and punished a little too hard to be higher on the list.
  • Arya Stark: Arya is very difficult to use, but if you can learn how to play her, then she's a really solid pick for singles. The difficulty for power output tradeoff just isn't generous enough to justify making her A-Tier or higher, though.
  • Garnet: Very strong knock-back which helps her in singles, but too much of her kit is wasted in singles to promote her above B-Tier.
  • LeBron: Hard to use, and not self-sufficient enough for solos to be one of the best characters. But when you learn to use the ball, you can become incredibly annoying for a single character to fight against.

C-Tier Characters For 1v1

This is where you'll find the worst characters that are still just about viable. These are the characters that clearly need a buff, but perhaps not a full rework.

  • Taz: This one is very easy to explain. Taz had Tornado on launch and it was broken. Then the devs nerfed it into the ground. But he's still not in the very bottom tiers because the rest of his kit is competitive.
  • The Iron Giant: Similar to our ranking of the Giant for doubles, we could see him become amazing, but right now, it feels like no one is playing him in a way that's really very effective.
  • Wonder Woman: Simply put, Wonder Woman was built for doubles. This is clearly the case, but she's not trash at singles, she's just a lowly C-Tier pick.

D-Tier Characters For 1v1

Now we're at the point in the tier list where we would actively encourage you not to use these characters. They aren't at the very bottom because they all have something to work with, but you aren't going to be getting many wins with these guys.

  • Reindog: Has some okay-ish combo potential, but just doesn't shine enough in any department to be worth more than the D-Tier. But this is an original character to the game, so maybe developer love will creep in, and we'll see him get a buff soon?
  • Velma: Velma was evidently not built for solos, she doesn't have enough utility or finishing ability to be self-sufficient.
MultiVersus has lots of popular characters, with some being stronger than others. | © Warner Bros

F-Tier Characters For 1v1

Yuck! Any character in this section of the tier-list is basically unplayable in singles. They might be dope at doubles, but just avoid them for 1v1. Unless, of course, you like losing.

  • Steven Universe: He's a support character that was clearly built only with 2v2 in mind. There's literally no reason to use him in a singles match unless you're intentionally trying to handicap yourself.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the best characters in MultiVersus for singles and doubles. Well, in our opinion at least. Of course, you guys are bound to have a few characters higher or lower on your own lists, but we think this is generally correct. But do let us know if you think we're sleeping on someone overpowered, or if we're giving a character too much gas. We wouldn't want you to think we were basing this just on looks...

Oh, and if you're wondering why the "Gray Health" Velma isn't represented by a traditional health pack symbol...