People Are Already Complaining About MultiVersus

You really cannot do anything right these days, eh? MultiVersus hasn't been out a full day yet and people are already malding over the game and complaining in Reddit threads, but what exactly has people so pissed off?

Multiversus characters all
There is one specific champino fans are not too happy about... | © Warner Bros./Player First Games

The open beta for MultiVersus has kicked off and some players aren't all too happy with the free-to-play fighting game. Or well... one specific character in the game. What exactly has people going insane and just malding in Reddit threads about one specific character?

Of course, there are difficulty levels to all characters in fighting games. When playing Smash Bros. everyone knows that noobs will be playing Kirby and spamming down B over and over. So, of course, MultiVersus will also have some beginner-friendly champions, but it seems like this specific noob-character is a little too OP that even high skill players aren't able to counterplay him... who are we talking about? None other than Taz, the Tasmanian Devil.

Why Are Players so Upset About Taz?

Taz is probably the most brain-dead character in the whole MultiVerse. All you've got to do is press two buttons and spam them over and over again and players won't be able to do a single thing about it. Seriously, just press side-B and he is going to spin to win to infinity. Once you're caught in his tornado, then you're stuck and you'll likely lose the game.

This means even low-elo players will be able to win games with ease, which has some of the higher skilled players pretty mad. But like... if we think about it Taz is known for one thing and one thing only and that is his spinning, right? So obviously the developers would use his single skill that Warner Bros gave him and turn it into his only skill in MultiVersus, right?

most annoying video game character in ages from MultiVersusTheGame

The memes on Reddit are hilarious and as someone who is a connoisseur of button smashing in these types of games, seeing one character create such havoc is truly a blessing.

Is Taz Going to be Nerfed?

Since this is currently just the beta of MultiVersus there are going to be some kinks that need to be ironed out and it seems that Taz is going to be one of the first kinks that will be handled by the balance team since he is just way too OP for people to handle.

The salt got so much that even Game Director Tony Hyunh went to Twitter to try and alleviate some of the anger.

We are aware of Taz tornado. We are testing adjustments. No ETA yet on an update.

So, if you're mad about the Tasmanian devil in MultiVersus, don't worry it seems like the balance team is aware of the power this character has and something will be changed in the future... but when has yet to be decided.