Halo Infinite Reveals New Mode, Last Chance To Save The Game

Halo Infinite's Forge mode is coming soon. More details were revealed just a few hours ago, and now we know that players will be able to write scripts to create or edit anything they want. But will it be enough to save this dying game?

Halo Dying Forge
Will it be enough to save the chief? | © Microsoft

Halo Infinite launched to great acclaim. At it's core, the game was polished and fun. But after a couple of weeks, players started to ask the obvious questions: what's next? Where are the new modes? When is the BR being released? And 343 just didn't have any answers. Clearly, they hadn't prepared enough post-launch content.

Thankfully, that's changing. A Forge mode is coming, and with this in-game editor, the community should be able to create their own content. A few members of the community already have early access, and the creations they've been showing are truly remarkable. Let's take a look.

Halo Infinite's Forge Mode Will Be Insane

Halo's in-game editor, Forge, will be launching soon for Infinite, and some members of the community already have early access. They've been sharing their experience with the new Forge, and it looks like the single most advanced in-game editor ever made. The new mode works with node graph architecture, and allows players to write their own scripts for modular node components. That's a fancy way of saying players can now program individual assets to be however they like.

Those with early access have been sharing their work with the community. This is the most ludicrous example we've seen so far. One player was able to write a script that allowed them to create a Call of Duty Zombies style barricade... in Halo:

That's just absurd. Halo's Forge mode has always provided us with impressive levels of customization, but this is truly next-level. For a bit of context, the Forge mode dates back to '07 and Halo 3, and it was phenomenal for the time. Yet, between then and now, we've only really had superficial tools; things which allow us to make an item bigger or smaller, change it's color, or position. But this graph node style architecture will allow players to begin writing scripts and effectively creating their own games.

We're still left with the most important question though: is it enough to save this dying game? Will this create the kind of arcade party modes that can bring back a sizeable audience? Or do you think all hopes for Halo Infinite's survival still rest on the upcoming Battle Royale mode?

If nothing else, Forge Mode will allow us to make an aim-trainer for our boss...