343 Are Removing Halo Infinite's Most Powerful Weapon!

343 Industries are introducing a plethora of changes in Season 2. Few are bigger, though, than the removal of Halo Infinite's most powerful gun.
Halo infinite gravity hammer
Halo Infinite's most powerful weapon is being removed from the game. | © 343 Industries

Don't you just love Halo Infinite? Whether you're shooting your way through the campaign or handing your friend's asses to them on a silver platter in multiplayer, you're always going to be having a blast (pun definitely intended). There are a ton of great weapons to choose from, as well, but one certainly towers mightier than the rest.

One particular weapon is so powerful that it will allow you to race your way through a hardcore LASO playthrough in no time at all. This thing is easily picked up at the beginning of the campaign, regrettably not available in multiplayer, and is apparently being removed pretty darn soon!

I mean, with Halo Infinite's second Season only a mere couple of weeks away, it's certainly no surprise to find out that the game will be making some changes pretty darn soon. Other than the assortment of new content both leaked and announced for Season 2, some gameplay changes are also making headlines. Principally: the removal of the Scorpion Tank Gun Exploit in Halo Infinite's campaign.

Scorpion Tank Gun Will Be Removed From Halo Infinite

Senior Halo Community Manager, John Junyszek, confirmed via Twitter that the Tank Gun Exploit would be removed from the game in Season 2 of Halo Infinite. It's a sad day, folks, but at least Mr Junyszek gave us a heads-up before our favorite weapon just disappears from our arsenal. That, my friends, would be truly sad.

Heads up for speedrunners and achievement hunters - the tank gun glitch in campaign will be fixed in Season 2. Feel free to do what you like with this piece of information. — John Junyszek via Twitter

The Scorpion Tank Gun Exploit is possible the most powerful weapon in the game, giving players the ability to literally wield the Scorpion Tank's giant cannon as a normal gun. It is a bit finicky, it is a bit difficult, and it is very easy to blow yourself up with it, but once mastered, this thing will let you blast your way through the campaign in no time at all!

A little while ago, Gameplay Designers from 343 Industries actually addressed the exploit in an interview with IGN. They confirmed that the Tank Gun glitch was completely unintentional, and not an "Easter Egg". That's a shame, isn't it? That would have been one amazing Easter Egg.

Anyway, check out our guide for how to get the Scorpion Tank Gun. You can use this to complete a sexy-as-fork LASO Playthrough once you have unlocked all of the game's Skulls...