Where Are The Skull Locations In Halo Infinite?

Skulls are a popular feature in Halo Infinite, as they have been throughout Halo's history. Where are they in 343 Industries' latest entry, and how do we get them?
Halo infinite skull locations
It might seem confusing, but here's everything you need to know about Skulls in Halo Infinite. | © 343 Industries

Skulls were first introduced in Halo 2, featured as little easter eggs that were discoverable throughout that classic, fantastic campaign. They did not effect the gameplay too much, though. The game-changing effects that they're now known for came into effect with Halo 3 a couple of years later. In Halo Infinite, skulls take on a whole new meaning as part of the vast open world. And these collectables make a LASO Playthrough possible, but we'll get to that later.

You see, whilst we wait for the Story DLC that's destined to come around the bend in a few months time, alongside Season 2, collectibles and achievements are what keep us coming back to Halo Infinite's Campaign. Skulls are especially powerful collectibles because they radically change the game itself, introducing new strategic goals, new ways of playing, and new objectives all throughout the game itself. Honestly they're pretty neat. The problem? Well, they are literally scattered all over the game world itself.

Any complete guide of skulls in Halo Infinite will need to cover three critical pieces of information: where is the skull, how do you unlock and collect it, and what does the skull do? These are the three questions we will endeavor to answer in this-here article. Now, it's all rather bland, sterile and boring isn't it? Especially the act of sitting down and reading a guide like this from start to finish, but we are going to make it a whole lot more interesting. How? Jokes, baby, jokes...

What Are Skulls In Halo Infinite?

Skulls are collectables that can be found right across Halo Infinite's vast open world, each activating their own unique effect. These are not your standard collectibles, though they may seems like that from what you see of them in the game environment. They are entirely avoidable and activate unique abilities that can make your playthrough more or less difficult depending on which ones you activate.

These activations are also entirely up to you. We'll get into what it means to complete a LASO Playthrough below, but from the menu you will be able to see which ones you have collected, whether they are activated, and what they will do once activated. Unlocking Skulls is a hugely rewarding task, seeing as they completely change the game when activated. For some of the more difficult skulls, we'd certainly recommend utilizing that crazy Scorpion Tank Gun Glitch as much as you possibly can!

How To Unlock Skulls In Halo Infinite

To unlock a Skull in Halo Infinite you first need to locate it, collect it and then activate it. Once unlocked, you will be able to utilize its unique effect for better or for worst (depending, in some cases, whether you are a sadist or not). I mean, there isn't a huge amount to really say about "How to Unlock Skulls" seeing as that is the entire purpose of this article. Follow our guides below, that's how you can unlock them. It's as simple as that.

What Do Skulls Do In Halo Infinite?

Depending on which Skull you activate in Halo Infinite, it can have an effect ranging from very useful to extremely dangerous. Some will buff enemies, some will buff you, one will make Grunts explode for no apparent reason, another gives you unlimited weapon ammo, grenades, and cooldowns. Look, the latter effect is pretty much the only one that gives a truly useful advantage, but in answer to your question of "What do Skulls do in Halo Infinite?" my answer is, well... lots of different things!

How Many Skulls Are There In Halo Infinite?

There are twelve different Skulls available for discovery and use in Halo Infinite's Campaign. Remember that Skulls only currently apply to single-player campaign content, but may well be expanded on in the future. If Skulls were applicable in Multiplayer somehow, they'd be pretty awesome. They are also something that would be relatively easy to add in future updates. Why? Well, because you just need to hide them somewhere, tell people there's a new one to find and voilà! The treasure hunt begins. Once campaign co-op has been added to Halo Infinite, we can expect that new Skulls will be added and will provide for progressively wilder gameplay options...

All Skull Effects In Halo Infinite

Here are the effects for each of the Skulls featured in Halo Infinite's Campaign. Some are better than others, and some are just purely diabolical. Check them out for yourself so that you can decide which Skull Locations you want to check out.

BoomDoubles the radius of explosions
CowbellIncreased acceleration from explosions
CatchEnemies throw and drop more grenades

Motion tracker disabled

I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD)Rare combat dialogue becomes more common
BlindNo HUD and Weapon display
ThunderstormMost enemies have their ranks increase
Black EyeShields only recharge when you melee your foe
FamineAll enemy weapon drops have their ammo halved
MythicIncreased health applied to all enemies
Grunt Birthday PartyWhen you headshot a Grunt they create a confetti explosion
BandanaUnlimited ammo, grenades, and cooldowns

All Skull Locations In Halo Infinite

There are a variety of Skulls in Halo Infinite. Some are available in various locations across the Campaign's open world and others are available only in very specific quests. Remember that at the moment you cannot repeat Campaign Missions without having to start the Campaign from the beginning again, so keep an eye on this article as you are playing so that you don't miss any along the way.

We will breakdown every individual Skull Location and Quest for you below, but first we would like to give you a visual representation of where all the Skulls are located in Halo Infinite. Here's a map:

Halo infinite skull locations map
Here are all the Skull Locations in Halo Infinite. | © 343 Industries & EarlyGame

Boom Skull Location

The Boom Skull is a missable Skull located in Halo Infinite's first mission. Once you have entered the ship you need to head up the lift and continue on until you reach the glowing-red hallway with three Jackals in it. In the next room you will face a few more enemies. You need to kill them and head back to the entrance. Looking up diagonally you will see two platforms that line the left and right side of the hallway relative to the entrance. The Skull is in the right-hand platform, so make your way up there and collect the Boom Skull. Don't forget to scan for it, that makes it much easier as always.

Cowbell Skull Location

Another missable Skull in Halo Infinite, the Cowbell is located in the Foundation Mission. This is the second mission in the game, the one where you find The Weapon, so it isn't too difficult to pick up if you know where to look. To get the Cowbell Skull you need to first make your way through the mission until you pick up The Weapon. After the cutscene, take the long elevator ride and walk past the hallucinations in the next room. At the very entrance to this following room use your Scanner to locate the Skull, which you will see is directly above you.

Catch Skull Location

You can collect this at any point during the campaign from a tree trunk in the canyon near Outpost Terminus. When in the open world you need to find and liberate Outpost Terminus. You can do this super early-on in the game, but keep in mind that the Skull is actually guarded by two Hunters. There is a small Island a little north of Outpost Terminus. Here you need to find a tree trunk at the end of the canyon, battle the two Hunters and collect it.

Fog Skull Location

The Fog Skull is located near the corpse of what looks like an Elite in the coastal cliffs southeast of the Foundation and southwest of FOB Alpha. We recommend using one of two methods. The first is to wait until you have a fully upgraded Grappleshot, as you cannot grapple up to this particular skull with the standard-issue Grappleshot. Alternatively you can jump in some kind of flying vehicle, such as a Wasp, and fly your way up to to the platform in the cliffs. It is difficult, though, so here's a quick video to give you an idea where the Fog Skull is located.

IWHBYD Skull Location

The IWHBYD Skull, which stands for "I Would Have Been Your Daddy", is located at the top of The Tower on Zeta Halo. You know, that forking huge tower, possibly the biggest one on the map? Yeah, at the top of that tower. We would recommend simply jumping into a flying vehicle (possibly a Pelican?) and flying right up to the top. Alternatively you can make your way up slowly using a combination of your great parkour skills and your Grappleshot. The IWHBYD Skull is sitting on a crate at the top of the tower. If you get up there and can't see it then simply scan for it and you will see the glowing outline.

Blind Skull Location

The Blind Skull is one of the most difficult Skulls to collect in Halo Infinite, located in the long canyon that runs north-south in the southwest of the open world map. When making your way along this canyon either on foot or in a wasp, you need to continue until you reach the center island. From here, make your way to the west of the canyon and find the boulder that has fallen in-between the two sides of the canyon. There's a squad of dead marines on top, that's how you'll know that you've found the right one.

From here you will need to make your way onto the boulder and then scan for the Skull to see its precise location. This is where it gets hella-forking difficult. The Skull is on an incredibly difficult-to-get-to ledge below the boulder. You need to make sure that your Grapplehook is fully upgraded and then drop down onto the lower boulder (where you will find a Rocket Launcher). From here you need to drop towards the abyss and use a complicated combination of Grappleshots to navigate your way onto the Skull's platform. Good luck getting back up, by the way, here's another quick video-guide.

Thunderstorm Skull Location

The Thunderstorm Skull is a relatively easy Skull to locate between Reformation and Graveyards, where the Pelican Down mission took place. Once you have completed the aforementioned meeting, we recommend that you equip your Grappleshot and go looking for the highest peak in that area. It is north of FOB Juliet and is on the very top of one of those really tall, narrow spires. It is relatively difficult to get up there with the Grappleshot, but certainly possible. Alternatively you can use a flying vehicle to work your way up there.

Black Eye Skull Location

The Black Eye Skull is located behind a waterfall halfway between FOB Juliet and Riven Gate Banished Outpost. It's very easy to access with your Grappleshot and you can even scale the cliff and drop down, but keep in mind that the cave in which the Skull is located is hidden by the waterfall. If scaling it directly, use your Grapplehook and a keen eye to navigate your way in. If dropping down, alternatively, face the cliff as you fall through the waterfall and grapple into the cave as you fall past it. Follow the brief tunnel and find the Black Eye Skull on a stalagmite at the end.

Famine Skull Location

The Famine Skull is located on that tiny little island east of the Zeta Halo map. Almost directly south of FOB November there is a small island. You need to find yourself a flying vehicle like a Wasp or a Banshee and make your way over to the island. You shouldn't have any resistance on the Island, and this is possibly the easiest Skull to pick up if you've unlocked any flying vehicles (or just simply know where to get them). You'll find it at the peak of the Island, in the hand of a dead Elite.

Mythic Skull Location

The Mythic Skull is a missable Skull located in the Command Spire at the end of the Nexus mission. Once you have entered the Command Spire and have fought your way through a few rooms of enemies you'll find yourself in an area where big hexagonal pillars are floating around. This is where you can find the Mythic Skull, but you know what? We have a super detailed guide on the Mythic Skull, so check that out for a proper breakdown of where you can find this bad-boy! In time we will have one of these for every Skull location in Halo Infinite. Let us know on Social Media if you want us to hurry up with that!

Grunt Birthday Party Skull Location

The Grunt Birthday Party Skull is a missable Skull located in The Repository. Make your way through The Repository Mission until you reach the large open room with the hardlight bridge that leads into the center. Interact with the central console, which will trigger a cutscene, and then head back to the first platform. From here, turn right and Grappleshot across to the platform. Collect the power seed at the end of the hallway, take it back to the main room and make your way to the next platform. Go through the door, to the end of the hallway, and place the power seed.

Once you have done this you legit just need to return to the central room and continue with the mission. After a while The Weapon will point out a window. Push through the two ensuing rooms (yeah, you're going to be fighting a lot of Grunts and Elites) and find the Grunt Birthday Party Skull on the floor in the third room. Keep in mind that this Skull is guarded by four cloaked Elites, so you'll need to take these out before you can safely pick it up. Here's a nice little guide from good ol' xGarbett on YouTube...

Bandana Skull Location

The final Missable Skull in Halo Infinite is the Bandana Skull, and is located in the Silent Auditorium. You need to complete the Silent Auditorium mission without killing any Sentinels. This can be very hard as you will be fighting a very large number of enemies in this mission and will thus need to be very careful with your aim. Continue through this mission, making sure not to kill any Sentinels, until you bump into Adjutant Resolution again.

You'll now need to activate a number of different Hardlight Bridges. Instead of following the HUD marker, though, keep going straight until you reach the next room. In this room you will see a number of destroyed Sentinels and – only if you have not killed a single Sentinel in the Silent Auditorium mission – you will find the Bandana Skull on a pillar. Well done, this is one of the hardest Skulls to locate in Halo Infinite!

Are There Missable Skull Locations In Halo Infinite?

Five of the Skulls available in Halo Infinite are locked to specific campaign missions are thus missable. This is because Halo Infinite's Campaign Missions are not replayable, requiring you to replay the entire campaign just to play through them again. This is a big break from historic Halo, as all previous games have featured replayable campaign missions. Halo Infinite's doing away with this feature is probably due to the open world nature of the campaign. These are the missable Skulls in Halo Infinite:

  1. Boom Skull
  2. Cowbell Skull
  3. Mythic Skull
  4. Grunt Birthday Party Skull
  5. Bandana Skull

Can You Unlock Skulls On Easy Difficulty?

Unlike in some previous Halo games, you can pick up Skulls on Easy Difficulty in Halo Infinite. The reality is that if you are playing Halo Infinite on easy difficulty you are unlikely to actually want to activate any of the Skulls other than Bandana (which gives you unlimited ammo, grenades, and cooldown). We recommend Skulls for players who want to add a little bit more difficulty to their experience. These are fun little challenges to improve replayablity. And other than a few novelty Skulls, like the Grunt Birthday Party, these all add a great deal of frustration and challenge.

What Is A LASO Playthrough Of Halo Infinite?

A LASO Playthrough of Halo Infinite is a "Legendary All Skulls On" playthrough. Basically you need to set the game to Legendary Difficulty, the hardest in the game, switch on every single Skull that's available (so you need to have unlocked all of them in a previous playthrough) and then play through the Campaign from start to finish. There are a couple of ways by which you can make this more viable, but we detailed everything more thoroughly in our dedicated LASO article. One thing that we can say is this: if you can beat a Halo Infinite LASO Playthrough without cheating, we salute you soldier. That's a nice way to end this guide – thanks for reading!