Where Is The Blind Skull Location In Halo Infinite?

There are so many Skulls in Halo Infinite, but few are more annoying than the Blind Skull.
Blind Skull Halo Infinite
The Blind Skull is unbelievably difficult to pick up in Halo Infinite. | © 343 Industries

There are just so many Skulls in Halo Infinite, so many, that sometimes it becomes a bit tiresome writing these guides. From the Boom Skull to the IWHBYD Skull, there are annoying-as-fork ones and funny ones in abundance, and there is little to be disappointed when it comes to Infinite's collection (something that cannot be said for the game's multiplayer).

We'll also be honest with you, if you're looking to do a LASO playthrough, you will find this bad-boy especially annoying. The Blind Skull is a true "pain in the butt", as they say. Thus, we would recommend that if you are activating this one for the purpose of one of those brutal playthroughs, you make sure that you've picked up that ridiculous Scorpion Tank Gun towards the beginning of the campaign.

What Is The Blind Skull in Halo Infinite?

When activated, the Blind Skull removes the HUD and weapon display from your screen. This means that you will not be able to see things like radar information, your ammunition levels, or how many grenades you have. This isn't so difficult to overcome, of course, but it is unbelievably frustrating. That especially goes for when you are trying to traverse the Zeta Halo!

How To Get The Blind Skull In Halo Infinite

We certainly understand why you're here, checking out our guide, it's a royal jerk to get to this bad-boy. Here's how!

Make Your Way to the Crevasse

Using the map below, make your way to the deep crevasse in the far southwest of the map. Make your way to approximately where the player marker is in the graphic. Beware, though, there are tons of enemies in this area, and you are going to need to do some grappleshotting, so be prepared with an upgraded grappleshot and plenty of ammo.

Halo infinite blind skull location
Make your way to the player marker. | © 343 Industries

Find the Dead Soldier

Look down into the split between the two sides of the crevasse and find the corpse of a marine. You will identify it by the one that is near a chair and a bunch of glowsticks. Keep in mind that when you jump down (so, yeah, jump down onto that platform) an enemy will appear. Wait until the ship has passed, or you're going to be kind of... well... forked.

Follow the Body Trail

Look down the side of the platform, and you will see another soldier with glowsticks. Jump down to this platform and then continue to look around, following the conspicuous trail of glowsticks using your fancy-as-fork grappleshot skills. We'll be applauding from the side-lines!

Grappleshot to the Blind Skull

At some point, you will find yourself on a metallic platform opposite another metallic platform. There are no more glowsticks, so you are in the right place. Grappleshot across to this platform and then scan for the Skull. Pick it up, mate, and now... try to get out of the crevasse... good luck with that!

So, there's another... quicker but way, way, way more risky method. Check it out:

So, there you have it! The Blind Skull in Halo Infinite is one of the biggest pains in the butt to both collect and use. It makes the game not more difficult, per-se, but way, way, way, way, way, way more frustrating. Why you would want to do this to yourself is honestly beyond us, but each to his own... we suppose?