Where is the IWHBYD Skull Location in Halo Infinite?

This Halo Infinite Skull might have an absurd name, but it's one of the funniest in the game. Here's how to pick it up!

Halo infinite iwhbyd skull
Would you have been my daddy? | © 343 Industries

Whilst most of the many Skulls in Halo Infinite are brutal effects on gameplay like the Boom Skull, some are purely there to give us the giggles. The IWHBYD Skull is darn funny, that's for sure, and so we'd strongly suggest that you check it out. It's also not too difficult to pick up, so what's the downside?

Well, look. When you are doing something like attempting a LASO Playthrough of Halo Infinite's Campaign, a few nice little bits of reprieve are greatly appreciated. The Fog Skull makes things harder, so does the Catch Skull, and a variety of others, so something like the IWHBYD Skull is an absolute joy in comparison. What is the IWHBYD Skull and how can you get it? Let's dive in...

What is the IWHBYD Skull in Halo Infinite?

The IWHBYD Skull stands for "I Would Have Been Your Daddy" and makes rare combat dialogue even more common. It is great, because you suddenly get a whole lot more humour injected into the game. It means, basically, that the various Grunts you'll come across will say funny things, and that's the same for all enemy types. It can be darn hilarious, because Halo Infinite is full of killer lines. Honestly, this is an amazing Skull and you should definitely pick it up!

How to Get the IWHBYD Skull in Halo Infinite

The great thing about the IWHBYD Skull is that you don't even need to do all that much to pick it up and start having a jolly ol' time! Following you will find a series of instructions on how to pick this bad-boy up for yourself.

Make Your Way to "The Tower"

"The Tower" is a massive tower, as the name suggests, on the Zeta Halo. You can check out its location on the map below, where you'll find that it is almost directly south of the Fog and Cowbell Skulls, and a little northwest of the Blind Skull.

Halo infinite skull locations map
Here is a map of all the Skulls in Halo Infinite. | © 343 Industries / EarlyGame

Climb to the Top of "The Tower"

This is why getting the IWHBYD Skull is so easy: you just need to climb to the top of it. Use the Grapplehook or some kind of flying vehicle to ascend to the very top of the tower. It's really easy, as long as you've taken out the enemies nearby.

Pick Up the IWHBYD Skull

Once you reach the top of "The Tower", you will find the IWHBYD Skull sitting on a crate. Scan for it, pick it up, apply it, and get yourself ready for some great laughs throughout the rest of Halo Infinite's fantastic Campaign!

Well, there you go. A great piece of reprieve, and a truly giggle-worthy Halo Infinite Skull. Combine this with the crazy Scorpion Gun and you'll be having a whole lot of fun in Halo Infinite's campaign. I mean, honestly, check it out. You won't regret it, and you'll be peeing your pants right through to the end of the campaign. Wear a nappy. Seriously.