Where is the Bandana Skull Location in Halo Infinite?

The final missable Skull in Halo Infinite is the Bandana Skull, located in the game's final mission. How do you get it, and what does it do?
Halo infinite bandana skull
Are you ready to find Halo Infinite's final Skull? | © 343 Industries

When Halo Infinite ends, we all get sad. Why? Well, that's a bit of a stupid question: because it's an awesome game, of course! What's a great way to celebrate having finished Halo Infinite, though? Completing a LASO playthrough, with all of the game's many Skulls combining to create an insanely tough playthrough only worthy of the best of Halo's players. The thing is, though, that there is no LASO playthrough without the Bandana Skull.

This bad-boy is a missable Skull available only in the game's final mission. You cannot replay missions in Halo Infinite, so if you want all of the Skulls you will want to be ready to pick this one up whilst finishing that final mission. The Bandana Skull is insanely fun once activated, and we'll get into that in a minute, but is also pretty difficult to pick up. Thus, it's time to dive into not only what the Bandana Skull does, but where it is and how you can pick it up...

What is the Bandana Skull in Halo Infinite?

The Bandana Skull gives Master Chief unlimited ammo, grenades and cooldowns in the Campaign. Thus, once activated, the Chief – and thus the player – is insanely overpowered. You don't need to worry about your guns overheating, you don't need to worry about having to collect ammo or grenades, and thus things become a lot easier. The Bandana Skull actually counteracts a lot of the difficulties posed by other Skulls in the game.

How to Get the Bandana Skull in Halo Infinite

Using the following guide, you'll be able to pick up the Bandana Skull for Halo Infinite. It's one of the most difficult Skulls to pick up in the game but has one hell of a reward! The thing is, though, that you're going to want to pay lots of attention to this guide because the Bandana Skull is actually a missable Skull in the final mission of Halo Infinite's Campaign. Thus: read, read, read...

Start the "Silent Auditorium" Mission

The Bandana Skull is a missable Skull located in the final mission of the game, titled "Silent Auditorium". It is a very difficult mission, and seeing as you will need to follow the next few steps, quite a difficult Skull to acquire.

Do Not Hurt or Kill Any Sentinels

Whilst playing through the final mission in Halo Infinite, you need to make sure that at no point do you kill any Sentinels. To be super careful, I recommend just simply not even hurting them if you can avoid it. If you kill a Sentinel, you will not be able to get the Bandana Skull.

Find the Room with the Long Walkway and Elevator

Towards the middle-to-end of the mission, you will enter a large and long room with a walkway that leads down to an elevator at the far end. From where you enter the room, Grappleshot to the door opposite. It will open (if you haven't killed any Sentinels).

Collect the Skull

After entering through the door you will notice a number of dead Sentinels on the ground. If you haven't killed any, you will be able to Grappleshot on top of the central platform, where you will find the Skull. Pick it up!

Now, the difficult thing about getting the Bandana Skull is that there are a lot of Sentinels in this mission. We recommend fully upgrading your Grappleshot before starting so that you can just whiz your way passed all of the enemies in the level until you reach the room where you can collect the Skull! Yay!

Alright, folks, I know that a lot of you are very lazy. Reading? Pff... what is that? Well, luckily for you, here's a video guide for those of you who are too lazy to read...

So there you have it! The final Skull in Halo Infinite is now in your hands, ripe and ready for a fabulous LASO Playthrough. It has been a fun ride, and we now have a guide for every single Skull in Halo Infinite. Thus, if you've missed any of them, check out our article and get on with things! Oh, and if you are struggling with that LASO playthrough – as always, make sure to utilize that crazy Scorpion Tank Gun exploit. It's awesome, you won't regret it. For the final time in these Skull guides: cheerio!