Where is the Cowbell Skull Location in Halo Infinite?

The Cowbell Skull is a pretty fun li'l Halo Infinite Skull, and not too hard to find.

Halo infinite cowbell skull
Where is the Cowboy Skull in Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's campaign is awesome, and so full of content. From the plethora of great missions, to the huge open world and the many secrets to exploit, nothing comes close to the vast assortment of Skulls there are to find and exploit. That's where we come in, with our detailed set of guides to where each of those skulls are, and how to pick them up. You may have noticed that the thumbnail to this article is a generic Master Chief picture, and you may be asking yourself "why?" Well, we'll also answer that question...

Part of the fun of collecting skulls like the Mythic Skull and the Boom Skull is the journey and the exploration. Many won't want to read this guide as they'll be exploring the game themselves, so it would be unfair to give away the Cowbell Skull's location in the thumbnail.

Well, if that wasn't a bit of a diversion we're not sure what is. Let's seg-way onto the point of this article instead: where is the Cowbell Skull, how do you unlock it, and what does it do? Let's start with the latter!

What Is The Cowbell Skull In Halo Infinite?

The Cowbell Skull is a missable skull that actually increases the acceleration generated by explosions in Halo Infinite's campaign. That means a lot more chaos. That means bodies flying all over the place. That means objects flying all over the place. That means absolute flippin' chaos and we love it. This will be a great skull to use against enemies for comedic (and practical) effect, but will also make things quite a bit more dangerous for you, so be careful!

How To Get The Cowbell Skull In Halo Infinite

Following you will find a selection of things that you'll need to do to reach and find the Cowbell Skull in Halo Infinite's campaign. We'll include a video guide for you visual learners, and make it as straight forward as we can!

Get To The Foundation Mission

As the Cowbell Skull is a missable skull, you can only find it in The Foundation Mission of Halo Infinite's campaign. Thus, make your way through the campaign until this mission (it is very early on) and start the mission to find the skull.

Pick Up The Weapon

Continue through the mission until you have picked up "The Weapon", it is in the section directly after you have found and been introduced to this character that you will be able to find and get the Cowbell Skull.

Take the Elevator & Walk Past the Hallucinations

After picking up "The Weapon", take the Elevator and then walk through the next room. This room will feature a lot of different creepy hallucinations that will be discussed by Chief and "The Weapon". Pay attention as this is actually a pretty important bit of the games for those of you who care about the story!

Find the Cowbell Skull in the Next Room

The Cowbell Skull is at the entrance to the very next room, so as soon as you walk through the door, use the Scanner to locate the skull. It is above you, so grapple up to it and pick it up! Easy-peasy!

And so you have it! The Cowbell Skull is safely nestled in your menu, available for activation whenever you want. This is a bit of an interesting skull, too, so we recommend you pop it on and try it out! It could be a whole lot of fun, and the only way that you'll find out, is if you try it out! Get on with finding all the other skulls, too. I mean, after all, what's more fun than a LASO Playthrough? Many things. Many things.