What is LASO in Halo Infinite, and How Do You Beat It?

Wait, so what is LASO in Halo Infinite, and why are people talking about it? Well, that's what we're here to break down for you.

Halo infinite laso
What is LASO in Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

Are you ready to become a legend in Halo Infinite? Like, literally a legend? The kind of player that all players wish they could be? Well, then I have a tip for you: complete a LASO playthrough of Halo Infinite's Campaign! Now, for those of you who know what a LASO Playthrough is I am sure that you are screaming at your screen right now, waiting about how a LASO playthrough is "insanely hard" and "an absolute pain in backside". Well, mate, do I have a tip for you...

You see, ever since Halo Infinite launched its multiplayer portion in a surprise November drop, we have been calling from the rafters, chanting out about its fantastic gameplay and polished state of play. Ever since its campaign launched we've been having a blast, wondering how to change the game's difficulty, figuring out how to blast our way more efficiently through the story, and experimenting with the plethora of fantastic weapons that are available. That middle option? Well, that's the key to this article...

You see, the LASO playthrough is a sign of absolute dominance, and with the trick I am about to reveal to you, you will achieve it in no time at all. In fact, it will be an absolute breeze. You probably won't die a single time, though you will need to be careful at times, and those achievements will just roll-on-in. What is LASO? How does it work? How do you complete it? Well, it's a good thing you're reading EarlyGame's Halo Infinite section...

What is a LASO Playthrough in Halo Infinite?

LASO is when a player plays Halo Infinite on Legendary Difficulty, with all Skulls turned on. It literally stands for that, with LASO meaning "Legendary All Skulls On". Historically it is the hardest way to play Halo, meaning that it is a very prestigious achievement to earn and certainly one worthy of the greats. The only thing that we would say in Halo Infinite is that, whilst the game is still very difficult to LASO, it is significantly easier than previous Halo titles (but we'll get into why that is later).

What makes a LASO Playthrough Difficult in Halo Infinite?

There are a number of Skulls that make a LASO very tough in Halo Infinite, as well as a few adjustments to the game. We will first start by admitting that one benefit of Halo Infinite is that, due to its open world, you can actually run away from firefights pretty easily. This is something we would recommend doing, as it makes it a little bit more manageable. What doesn't make it manageable, though, are these Skulls in particular:

  • Blind: No more HUD for you!
  • Thunderstorm: Enemies are an entire rank higher than usual!
  • Black Eye: You can only recharge your shield after an on-point melee attack.

In addition, 343 Industries have made it harder to LASO Halo Infinite as Checkpoints will only be received when Master Chief is at full shields. This is difficult to know because your HUD is turned off, and Black Eye often stops you from recharging. When this happens, you can easily find yourself a decent way back if you die. How do you manage this problem, though? Well, you follow our guide for how to successfully complete a LASO Playthrough...

How to Complete a LASO Playthrough in Halo Infinite

The easiest way to complete a LASO Playthrough is to exploit the Scorpion Tank Gun Glitch in Halo Infinite. Now, this might seem a little bizarre, it might even seem kind of like it's cheating. You wouldn't be wrong, too. It really is cheating, but it's also unbelievably fun to do. I mean... who doesn't want to blast their way through Halo, destroying everything in their path and leaving a wake of death and destruction behind them? Ah-durr, everyone of course! I mean, of course that's why we wrote a guide on how to exploit the Scorpion Gun glitch... Why else?

In addition to the Scorpion Gun exploit, though, Halo Infinite is made very easy to LASO simply due to the inclusion of Bandana. This is a new Skull that gives Chief infinite ammunition, and no cooldowns on your weapons. Now, while he can still die, this gives you a huge advantage in the game and honestly makes it a breeze to run through if you are trying to do a LASO Playthrough. Seeing as LASO actually requires you to activate this Skull, you're not cheating either! Cool, right?

Ultimately, though, it is one thing to complete LASO Playthrough and get the achievements associated with it, and there's another to do it properly, without exploiting any bugs or glitches in the game. In the end, you have to remember that Halo Infinite is a hard game. It requires a lot of skill to complete it properly, and a lot of skill to complete it in a way that warrants real hard-earned discussion. It is lazy, but fun, to complete a Halo Infinite LASO by simply exploiting a glitch, and it is a whole other thing to do it by honing your skill and becoming an absolute legend at the game. I know what I'd rather be...