Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges | Guide & Tracker

343 Industries is introducing Weekly Challenges to Halo Infinite's Multiplayer. What are these Weekly Challenges, and how do they work?
Halo infinite weekly challenges
Halo Infinite's Weekly Challenges should bring more longevity to the game's multiplayer experience. | © 343 Industries

There's a lot to talk about in this article. Halo Infinite brings new Weekly Challenges to the game's multiplayer, granting us new and exciting tasks to complete each week. These challenges grant us unique rewards, help us deck out our Spartan and make him/her the coolest and most badass super soldier around. The game is a lot of fun, and Halo Infinite's Weekly Challenges will keep the game strong and relevant for months, if not years, to come.

So, seeing as the game's new challenge system is so important, it's especially important for all of us to understand how they work. It might seem bloody obvious, but Halo Infinite's Weekly Challenges are something very new for the series' multiplayer. First, we take a look at the most recent weekly challenges, which we will update every time they change (so, as the name suggests, weekly), then, we will dive into how you can complete challenges to earn the ultimate reward, before answering a bunch of frequently asked questions. We've been rambling, though, so let's dive in...

Current Weekly Challenges in Halo Infinite: May 18 – May 24, 2022

Halo Infinite receives new challenges each and every week, with unique ultimate rewards available to those who complete the required challenges. Completing these challenges also earns you a certain amount of XP, depending on its difficulty. Here is the complete list of Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges for the week May 18 to May 24, 2022:

Challenge NameDescriptionNumber of Times


Head of the Pack

Kill Enemy Spartans in Tactical Slayer Matches


200 XP

Spread the Love

Kill Enemy Spartans with the Battle Rifle


200 XP

Stay Off My Yard

Kill an Enemy Spartan Attacking a Friendly Zone


200 XP
Squad of OneKill Enemy Spartans in Free For All Matches


200 XP

Lone Danger

Complete Free For All Matches2200 XP


Complete any Matches2200 XP
Martial ArtistKill Enemy Spartans with a Melee Attack3200 XP
Back Smack AttackKill an Enemy Spartan from behind with a Melee Attack1200 XP

Slaying the Objective

Win Team Slayer PvP Matches


250 XP

Lead Zappin

Kill an Enemy Spartan with the Disruptor in PvP


250 XP

Full Commando

Kill Enemy Spartans with the Commando Rifle in PvP


250 XP

Martial Artist

Kill Enemy Spartans with a Melee Attack


250 XP

Head of the Pack

Kill Enemy Spartans in Tactical Slayer PvP Matches20250 XP
Heat of the MomentKill an Enemy Spartan with the Heatwave in PvP1250 XP

Lethal Lernaean

Kill an Enemy Spartan with the Hydra in PvP1

250 XP

Slayer PlayerComplete Team Slayer PvP Matches5250 XP
Zap MusicKill an Enemy Spartan with the Shock Rifle in PvP1250 XP


Complete any PvP Matches


300 XP

Back Smack Attack

Kill Enemy Spartans from behind with a Melee Attack in PvP


300 XP

Wheelin' Dealin' Poultry Mealin'

Win Any PvP Matches


300 XP

Coil Burner

Kill an Enemy Spartan with a thrown Fusion Coil in PvP

1300 XP

There is a pretty reasonable collection of challenges here, each rewarding a different quantity of XP. It's an exciting prospect to be launching into a new week of Halo each and every Monday, and though many of these rewards are pretty basic, they certainly provide you with an incentive to keep playing. The ultimate reward at the end is a nice little trinket for all of our hard work!

This Weekly Challenges' Ultimate Reward

The Ultimate Reward for Halo Infinite's Weekly Challenges right now is the Alabaster Cognac Vehicle Coating "High Score". This is another killer entry for Season 2, especially seeing as the last few months have been pretty lackluster in terms of their ultimate rewards! This stance also looks darn awesome as well, so we ain't going to complain one little bit! That being said, there is also a great selection in the Item Shop, so there's not lack of stuff to spend your hard-earned cash on.

How Many Weekly Challenges Are There?

In total, there are 21 different Weekly Challenges available. This includes the 20 basic challenges, and the ultimate challenge which is worth 400 XP.

How to Complete Halo Infinite's Weekly Challenges to Earn the Ultimate Reward

You are assigned a random selection of challenges each week, three for non-Battle Pass holders, and four for Battle Pass holders. Now, it might seem simple (you complete these couple of challenges, you get the reward), but it's not. As you complete these Weekly Challenges (not including the Daily Challenge, of course), they will cycle with the Upcoming Weekly Challenges that are shown on the subsequent menu.

You can complete the three highlighted Weekly Challenges at any particular time, meaning that you need to attempt each one as it appears in your active challenges window, and can't accidentally stumble through them. As you cycle through them, more and more will appear, and once all sixteen different challenges are complete, you will receive this week's Ultimate Reward.

Now, we do want to say the following: don't fret! We know that this is an utterly incomprehensible system, and a complete pain in the backside. It took us a little time to figure it out as well, so please don't feel bad if you didn't understand the system yourself. Now, we can also hear you saying "why did you tell us not to fret?", and we do have an answer: 343 know about the problem and are working on addressing it as soon as possible!

There are known and similar problems with Halo Infinite's Battle Pass, which also progresses very slowly and is quite difficult to understand. The thing is that Weekly Challenges in Halo Infinite are, as you would expect, weekly. You don't have six months to dedicate yourself to slowly progressing through these challenges, you only have a single week. Thus, we hope that the situation gets resolved as quickly as possible.

What is the Reset Time for Halo Infinite's Weekly Challenges?

Halo Infinite's Weekly Challenges reset every Tuesday, at varying times depending on where in the world you live. We will list the specific times below, but also note that Daily Challenges reset at 9AM PST each and every day. Keep in mind that you should complete all of your Weekly Challenges before the below times, to make sure that you get the Ultimate Reward, which will also reset at the same time.

  • In the USA: 9AM PT / 11AM CT / 12PM ET
  • In Europe: 6PM CET
  • In the UK: 5PM GMT

Why Have Weekly Challenges Reset in Halo Infinite?

Because it's Tuesday... you would know that, if you had read the part above. Shame. This is very important for anyone who might want to engage with the challenges, as once they reset, your progress on last week's challenges are lost. If this happens, you will not receive the Ultimate Reward, which is a huge shame.

How Do Challenge Swaps Work in Halo Infinite?

Challenge Swaps allow you to basically skip an active challenge, replacing it with one from your upcoming challenge list. They are consumables that are earnable via the Battle Pass, or by purchasing them with in-game currency within the store. When swapping, the replacement challenge will be of the same difficulty level and XP as the one you got rid of. It's a very useful system for those of you who might not want to complete certain challenges, but still want to get through all of your Weekly Challenges and earn the Ultimate Reward. Just remember to use them carefully!