What's in the Halo Infinite Daily Item Shop Today?

Halo Infinite features many fantastic cosmetic items, all available through the in-game shop. What is in the Halo Infinite Daily Item Shop, day in and day out?
Halo infinite daily item shop
What is in Halo Infinite's Item Shop right now? | © 343 Industries

It's time to take a look at the Halo Infinite Item Shop, a marketplace so delicious, so delectable, and so perfect for gathering every collectible you could possibly want, that it would make Jeff Bezos cry. From the crazy assortment of armour parts, to the great weapon designs found therein, to the wonderful cosmetic add-ons, charms, and the beautiful coatings, you can expect a lot of top-shelf items in this selection. That being said, you can also expect to spend a lot – and we really mean a lot – of money.

Halo Infinite features an unbelievable number of great pieces of cosmetic customization. The Battle Pass might have been a bit of a mess, but it seems that, with the Weekly Challenges and the brand new Season, things are looking up for Halo Infinite's selection of items. That is, however, only in regard's to the game's free items, and not the game's paid-items. Instead, that is a bit of a different story. Let's take a look at exactly what's in the Halo Infinite Daily Item Shop right now, and how it all works.

Today's Halo Infinite's Daily Item Shop Rotation

Halo Infinite Item Name

Item Type

Item Trait / Colour

Item Price

War Master Armor Set


Armor Set

1,200 Halo Infinite Credits

Cordovan Thunder


Vehicle Bundle

600 Halo Infinite Credits

Crush Your Enemies



300 Halo Infinite Credits
High Value Targets

Daily Bundle

Daily Item Bundle200 Halo Infinite Credits
Boost and Swap PackPermanent Bundle

Standard Consumable Bundle

200 Halo Infinite Credits
Halo infinite item shop 18 05 2022
Here is what's in the Halo Infinite Daily Item Shop on May 18, 2022. | © 343 Industries

What is in the War Master Armor Set?

War master armor set
This is an incredibly extensive selection of armor cosmetics. | © 343 Industries
  • Legendary War Master Helmet
  • Legendary MK12T2 CBRN/TRAILWATCH Helmet Attachment
  • Rare UA/Chaka Left Shoulder Pad
  • Epic Flexpoint Gloves
  • Epic Fireteam Grizzly Armor Emblem
  • Epic Fireteam Grizzly Vehicle Emblem
  • Rare Blue Ash Armor Coating
  • Epic AAP/Drachen Ordnance Pack Chest
  • Rare UA/Chaka Right Shoulder Pad
  • Epic Project STEPSWEET Wrist
  • Epic Fireteam Grizzly Nameplate
  • Epic Fireteam Grizzly Weapon Emblem

What's in the Cordovan Thunder Bundle?

Cordovan thunder
Wow! That's a whole lot of vehicle coatings! | © 343 Industries
  • Epic Cordovan Thunder Vehicle Coating
  • Epic Cordovan Thunder Vehicle Coating
  • Epic Cordovan Thunder Vehicle Coating
  • Epic Cordovan Thunder Vehicle Coating
  • Epic Cordovan Thunder Vehicle Coating
  • Epic Cordovan Thunder Vehicle Coating
  • Epic Cordovan Thunder Vehicle Coating
  • Legendary Fireteam Mako Vehicle Emblem
  • Legendary Fireteam Mako Nameplate
  • Legendary Fireteam Mako Armor Emblem
  • Legendary Fireteam Mako Weapon Emblem

What's in the Crush Your Enemies Bundle?

Crush your enemies
Are you ready to crush your enemies? | © 343 Industries
  • Legendary Crush Your Enemies Stance

What's in the Boost & Swap bundle?

  • 2 XP Boosts
  • 2 Challenge Swaps

What is in the Halo Infinite Championship Shop?

Following are the items included currently in the Halo Infinite Championship Shop. This includes selections of armour kits, vehicle coatings, and more. They are all based around the game's Esports teams. The selection changed with Season 2, now offering a whole new batch of in-game items.

Basic Championship Shop

There is Armour, Skins, Vehicle Coatings and more included for each listed team:

  • Cloud9: 1000 credits
  • eUnited: 1000 credits
  • Faze Clan: 1000 credits
  • FNatic: 1000 credits
  • G2 Esports: 1000 credits
  • Navi: 1000 credits
  • Sentinels: 1000 credits
  • Spacestation Gaming: 1000 credits
  • Optic Gaming: 1000 credits
Halo Infinite Championship Shop Season 2
There's a lot to love in the Halo Infinite Championship Shop! | © 343 Industries

How Does the Halo Infinite Daily Item Shop Work?

The Halo Infinite Daily Item Shop features a 7-day rotation of various Halo Infinite Cosmetic items, with different coatings, armour parts, charms, and more, available each and every week. So yeah, it isn't really a "Daily Item Shop", but that's what people are calling them, so I don't really care. In addition, each week generally includes some kind of Bundle that will feature a selection of different items. We love the way that these weekly selections work, as well, because they link in with the Weekly Challenges that we all love to engage with.

To use the Halo Infinite Daily Item Shop, players will first need to purchase Halo Infinite Credits. These credits are then used to purchase whatever item, bundle, Battle Pass, or whatever that they want to pick up. We have laid out the specifics of the Halo Infinite Credit system below, but the key takeaway is that the Halo Infinite Item Shop is actually a weekly item shop that includes a few day-specific bundles and items (often consumable bundles) that will change with each 24-hour period. These are all purchasable with Halo Infinite Credits.

When Does the Halo Infinite Daily Item Shop Refresh?

Halo Infinite's Daily Item Shop refreshes every Tuesday at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM GMT. Yes, this means that our decision to label the item shop as "Daily" is not entirely true. It's actually kind of a weekly item shop, but you know what? We don't really care! It honestly doesn't matter, because people are searching for the Daily Shop, so we've called it something different.

Keep in mind as well, that it is not just the Halo Infinite Daily Item Shop that you should keep your eye on, but also the Championship Items. These are items that centre around Esports teams and their various players. You can see them listed above as well. Selections of team-specific items are pretty in Esports Games, and something that we're actually pretty pleased to see in Halo Infinite because it helps the scene. We hope that Halo Infinite will continue to foster a high-quality Esports scene, as previous games have. As of writing it seems that it is certainly on track.

How Much Do Halo Infinite Credits Cost?

  • 500 Credits: $5 USD or region equivalent
  • 1000 Credits: $10 USD or regional equivalent
  • 2200 Credits: $20 USD or regional equivalent

It's important to keep in mind that Halo Infinite Credits are critical for purchasing goodies in the Weekly Item Shop. The weekly rotation, as shown above, always requires the use of these aforementioned credits, which are only available for purchase in set amounts. Now, it may seem that these credits are a little high in-terms of price, and you would certainly be correct in that statement. What we would instead note, though, is that the quantities do, at least, make sense in terms of their sequencing. 500-1000-2200 makes a lot more sense than most games (Rocket League, we're look at you!), so we're not going to complain too much there.