Halo Infinite Story DLC: "The Endless" & What We Know

Halo Infinite's Campaign was a hit, and many have been left wondering "will it get any story DLC?" Well, we have a few theories, and we're here to share them with you.

Halo infinite story dlc
Is story DLC coming to Halo Infinite's single player? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite brought an end to the story-arc established by Halo 4 all the way back in 2012, but by no means is the end of Master Chief's story. In fact, the ending to Halo Infinite (no spoilers, don't worry) was unbelievably open, and certainly not the conclusion we expected it to be. The question on everyone's mind, then, is what can we expect from the future of Halo? How will Chief's story be continued?

The reality is that whilst Halo Infinite's Campaign was pretty fantastic, it was mired by inconsistent storytelling. Ultimately, the game's strength is in its gameplay – where it absolutely excels – but not in its ability to weave a consistent and engaging narrative. Halo Infinite was bid as a conclusion to the Reclaimer "Trilogy", but left us with many questions and very few answers. So where is this big satisfying ending that we were waiting for? Well, we're afraid to admit that it may be coming in the form of post-launch single-player DLC...

It is quite clear that Halo Infinite's ending sets us up for more story that is clearly planned for down the line, but it is still unclear what this content actually is. Seeing as it was established by 343 Industries way back in 2020, in an interview with IGN, that Halo Infinite is merely "the start of the next 10 years for Halo", we wouldn't be surprised to see the game's single player given the same treatment as its multiplayer: an expanding game-as-a-service experience.

Will Halo Infinite Get Story DLC?

Nothing has been officially confirmed, but we think it is highly likely that Halo Infinite will get some kind of single-player story DLC down the road. What this Story DLC would entail is as of yet unknown, but there are a few suggestions that it will have something to do with The Endless, and may even be called "Halo: The Endless", as Microsoft has recently filed for a trademark of the latter name. Filing for a trade mark might not actually mean anything, though, as it could even be for potential future Multiplayer DLC.

It would, however, fit with the narrative to have the Story DLC centre around The Endless. Without spoiling anything, the plot does revolve a lot around this particular topic, and it is important to note that the game's ending does offer a few possible entry-points for Endless-related storylines. We could also imagine that this could be linked to the leaked end-game cinematic from Halo Infinite's original Campaign, with The Chief potentially meeting up with other members of the UNSC.

Trademarking "The Endless" does, however, suggest that at least some kind of story expansion might be on the way, seeing as the patent would additionally allow for the branding of merchandise and other forms of media. Whatever happens, as well, we expect that the Story DLC would also linked into future multiplayer content. Perhaps we could expect something from Halo Infinite Season 2, when it eventually releases, that will tie into future Story DLC. If this is true, we'll certainly be pretty hyped.

No matter what, though, we wouldn't expect to see this potential Story DLC any time soon. We would imagine around the game's year-anniversary, so in December of 2022. It simply wouldn't make much sense for them to release additional story content so soon after the game's launch, and new story content would also serve to maintain the game's player-base.

Our expectation is that we'll get a few teasers in the Season 2 and 3 content, and then perhaps a Campaign DLC drop with Season 4 in December. All this being said, though, take it with a pinch of salt... nothing is really known yet, and nothing has been confirmed.