How to Finish Halo Infinite on Legendary Without a Gun

One player has managed to play through the entire Halo Infinite Campaign on Legendary Difficulty without firing a single shot. How did he do it, and how could you do it?

Halo infinite legendary no gun
Yes, that's right. No guns. | © 343 Industries

In an incredible feat of Halo speed-running, one player has managed to beat the entire Halo Infinite Campaign without firing a single bullet. The clip, which condenses the players' four-hour speed-run into an insanely entertaining half-hour video, proves that with the addition of the grapplehook, and Halo Infinite's impressive movement system, many things are possible that otherwise wouldn't have. Seriously, guys, this dude is pretty nuts.

Now, we wouldn't necessarily recommend playing Halo this way. After all, part of the joy of Halo is that fantastic, intense and tight gunplay that we've all come to love. Without that, what do we have? Well, we've got an insane physics playground wherein anything is possible! There are vehicles, energy coils, glitches, the grappleshot, and all sorts of other non-gun related weaponry that can be utilized cleverly to take out enemies in Halo Infinite, and we can assure you that you'll be bloody impressed checking out this guy's play-through!

Can You Beat Halo Infinite With No Guns?

Well, yes you can beat Halo Infinite without firing a single bullet! Even on Legendary. Now-legendary-speed-runner Tom, on the YouTube channel "Simply & Slick" has proven this in a remarkable video that features a four-hour speed-run of the game in which he only uses the environment, melee, and various items, to beat the game on Legendary Difficulty!

How to Beat Halo Infinite Without Guns

If you pay attention to the video above, then it will become very clear. One thing that is for certain, you certainly can't use the Scorpion Tank Gun Glitch, because that would be cheating. That being said, though, we would recommend utilizing as many different items, vehicles, and melee weapons as you can. We will detail some more precise methods below, but we have to make one thing clear: however you do this, it's going to require a bit of skill!

The key to a bullet-less play-through are the following items: Energy Swords, Grappleshots, Gravity Hammers, Energy Coils, and Vehicles. Without these items, and a huge amount of melee combat, it is basically impossible to finish the game without firing a single shot. Why? Well, the game is littered with enemies and you need to kill them to progress through parts of the main mission. Honestly, it's pretty simple to understand... we're not sure why you're asking us!

At one point in the play-through, Tom actually manages to hijack a Pelican. When he does this he actually skips basically half of the campaign. We're honestly not sure if this is cheating or not, but when it comes to speed-running, this is a hugely useful trick to know, so pay attention. The whole play-through only took Tom like four hours, and this is largely down to the fact that he not only took advantage of the Pelican trick, but his fantastic grapplehook skills... Seriously, guys, you should check out this clip? Can you beat all of Halo Infinite's campaign without firing a single shot? Let us know on social media...