Is Buzz Lightyear Coming To Halo Infinite?

A new leak has caused people to wonder about an upcoming crossover between Halo Infinite and Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise. Let's take a look at this rumor and the leak.

Is Buzz Lightyear Coming to Halo Infinite
To Infinity and beyond! ! | © 343 Industries/Disney

The reddit community is wilding out: a new leak suggests an upcoming promotion in Halo Infinite with Disney and yes, it looks like Buzz Lightyear might be coming to Halo Infinite! Sounds wild and kind of weird, right? Of course, but if you spent any time on the Halo subreddit, you will have seen them consistently and reliably leak new info on Halo Infinite. Most recently the new rewards for the Fracture: Tenrai event. So is there something to this crazy new rumor? Let's check it out!

Is Buzz Lightyear Coming To Halo Infinite?

It looks like yes, there will be a Buzz Lightyear crossover in Halo Infinite! Of course this is just speculation, and nothing official has been announced. So take everything here with a grain of salt. But if you look at the corresponding reddit post, you will see why people are getting excited. User u/bissue_tox found new Warthog skins in the game files, and one of them looks suspiciously close to a famous space explorer...

Warthog Skins in the Game files - Would you buy em? from halo

If you feel like this is too weird and stupid to be true, let me educate you. Halo Infinite's multiplayer has had promotional crossovers since the start, albeit mainly with esports organizations like Fnatic. But there have been high-profile ad campaigns too, so it wouldn't be a big surprise for them to cooperate with big dogs like Disney for in-game cosmetics as well.

But also there is precedent with Microsoft and Disney. The two corporate giants collaborated last year for a crossover campaign between the pirate multiplayer game Sea of Thieves and the famous movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. So it would only make sense for them to work together again, wouldn't it?

When Is The Buzz Lightyear x Halo Infinite Crossover Release Date?

If this crossover is actually happening, it should appear in the game around June, when the new "Lightyear" movie is slated to come out. But again, this is just speculation, a rumor based on a leak. Don't say we didn't warn you if it doesn't happen!

Considering that 343 are making great strides in improving the controversial Battle Pass and addressing more and more complaints from the community, it would make sense for them to run more promotional campaigns and crossovers. It works for Fortnite after all, to consistently feed the game with timed promotions and famous pop culture characters. So why wouldn't it for Halo?