Halo Infinite Finally Has Playlists, Tactical Slayer & More

One major complaint about Halo Infinite's multiplayer has been addressed. 343 Industries added new playlists and new modes like the classic Tactical Slayer. See all the details here.

Halo Infinite Finally Has Playlists, Tactical Slayer & More
Are you ready for Tactical Slayer? I definitely am... | © 343 Industries

With this week's regular update, 343 Industries finally added playlists and new modes, including an absolute classic: Tactical Slayer. The Halo community has been clamoring for this feature, and we already got it one week after the release of Halo's campaign. What is part of this update? Which playlists have made it into the game, which ones are missing? And what are the new modes? See all the details here.

Halo Infinite Now Has Playlists, Tactical Slayer & More New Modes

On December 14th, 343 Industries added mode-specific playlists and with that, some new modes to the game, like Tactical Slayer. Before this update, players could only go into Quick Play and hope they get the mode they want. Now, they finally have more choices and can also play some classic modes that have been missing in Halo Infinite so far.

What Are The New Modes in Halo Infinite?

  • Fiesta
  • FFA Slayer
  • Tactical Slayer

You now also have a playlist just for Team Slayer, the Team Deathmatch mode that has been in the game since release. Fiesta was so far only part of the Fractures: Tenrai event and it's good to see it become more permanent since it's a really fun mode.

How Do I Play Tactical Slayer in Halo Infinite?

It's super easy: Just go on "Multiplayer" in the main menu, and you should see the list of playlists. Scroll down and Tactical Slayer should be in the middle of that list.

What Is Still Missing After The Playlist Update?

Well... quite a lot, actually. As you may have noticed, all the new playlists are for different variants of Slayer, Halo's version of Deathmatch. If you want to play objective-based modes, like Oddball or Capture the Flag, you're still out of luck and have to hope for a lucky draw in Quick Play. The choice of omitting playlists was a strange one to begin with, but it's good to see 343 correcting their course on this so quickly. This is one feature that fans have been really ask for, and Tactical Slayer especially has always been a fan favorite, so it's good to see it come back.

343 Industries announced, that they will "monitor each playlist's health and make adjustments if needed", which sounds like they will definitely add new playlists in the near future and possibly rotate out ones that aren't as popular. Overall, this is a great change to the game, and it's good to see 343 still reacting so quickly to fan feedback, like they did with the progression system. Next up, they need to fix the cosmetics, but they are on that one already, so no worries.

Now get ready to get wrecked in Tactical Slayer by yours truly, my Battle Rifle is already locked and loaded...