Halo Infinite Behemoth Map: Weapon Locations & Layout

Behemoth is a fantastic Halo Infinite Map, centered around a giant towering structure that provides some of the best verticality in any of Halo Infinite's 4v4 Maps.

Halo infinite map guide behemoth
How is Behemoth in Halo Infinite's multiplayer? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite is full of maps that are due to become modern classics in only a few year's time. Behemoth is one of these maps, and is one of the best 4v4 maps in the game. The fact that Behemoth is the only 4v4 map in Halo Infinite to feature vehicles certainly helps, but the best parts of this particular experience is that it's chock-a-block full of secrets and has a huge degree of variety for such a small map.

Behemoth will be remembered for that giant central structure which classically replicates the Halo games of ol', whilst towering over the lowlands. The latter area is an absolute blast (pun intended), providing some wide vehicle-friendly spaces to contrast with those tight interiors. It is a classic Halo map-design, and that's not a bad thing at all. Now that we seem to have sold this map to you, let's take you through everything you should know about it. Where are the weapons, how is it laid out? Let's find out!

Behemoth Map Layout

Behemoth is a symmetrical arena map that's used for Slayer and Capture the Flag game modes. It not only includes a tight indoor structure, but a wider outdoor area that's perfect for an objective based mode like Capture the Flag. Slayer is more less a Team Deathmatch game mode and is won when one team reaches 50 points, or you run down the clock on the 12-minute timer. Alternatively, Capture the Flag requires you to steal the Opponent's Flag and return it to yours.

Now, before we take you through every feature of Halo Infinite's fantastic Behemoth Map, check out our quick little video walkthrough here:

Behemoth Jump Pads

Behemoth features two Jump Pads on each of the map's two bases. These launch players towards the two towers (East and West) and are a convenient way to quickly traverse the map. Be careful, however, as launching across the map can be dangerous due to the fact that you are exposed when flying through the air.

Halo Infinite Behemoth Jump Pads
Here are the jump pad locations in Behemoth in Halo Infinite. | © Arturo Pérez / 343 Industries / EarlyGame

Base Lifts & Shoots

There are a number of lifts and shoots scattered around Behemoth, predominantly in the two central bases. We provide you with the two lifts in the map below – specifically the North and South Lift – but will not provide you with the locations of the shoots, as they are secrets that you should discover yourself. Each Base's Lift helps you quickly travel to its upper level, and can be especially useful for players who want to make the most of the available height advantage.

Halo Infinite Behemoth Lifts
Here are the lift locations on Behemoth. | © Arturo Pérez / 343 Industries / EarlyGame

Behemoth Spawn Locations

There are only a few set Spawn Locations on Behemoth, each situated at either end of the central structure. You will additionally respawn in a number of changing locations around the map as the game commences. This will be based on your proximity to other players, as well as your team (especially in objective-based game modes like Capture the Flag). The two standard respawn locations are listed below, constituting the Northern and Southern ends of the map. The specific location of the respawn will change, but you will always spawn on your team's initial side.

Halo Infinite Behemoth Spawn Locations
Here are the two main Spawn locations at the North and South ends of Behemoth. | © Arturo Pérez / 343 Industries / EarlyGame

Behemoth Weapon Locations

There are a variety of weapons available for pickup on Behemoth, including classics like the UNSC Assault Rifle, the Pulse Carbine, and the Rocket Launcher. What else is there, though, and where are they bloody located? It's a long journey to figure this out, but with this guide, we will show you exactly where you need to go for each weapon. We will start with an overall map, and then break it down by weapon, with a screenshot of each weapon to help you locate it.

Halo infinite weapons map behemoth
Here are all the weapon locations on Behemoth in Halo Infinite! | © Arturo Pérez / 343 Industries / EarlyGame


The SMG spawn point will have a variety of weapons available at it, like all weapon spawn points. At times, it will be a Needler or the Sentinel Beam, and it is located in two separate locations on the map – one in the North Basement and one in the South Basement.

Halo infinite smg behemoth
The SMG spawn location can even hold a Needler on Behemoth! | © 343 Industries

Tactical Rifle

You will either be able to receive the BR75 Battle Rifle, or the VK78 Commando at each Tactical Rifle spawn location on Behemoth. Again, this is a symmetrical map, so there are two different spawn locations. One is at the top of the North Base, and the other is at the top of the South Base.

Halo infinite battle rifle behemoth
The Tactical Rifle can be super helpful on Behemoth. | © 343 Industries


You will either receive a Plasma Pistol or a Mangler at each of the Pistol spawn locations on Behemoth. Again, symmetrical (we seem to be repeating ourselves a little bit here), so there's one on the top of North Base and another on South Base.

Halo infinite pistol behemoth
Don't forget to charge up the Plasma Pistol to take out your opponents shields. | © 343 Industries

Rocket Launcher

Located on the right-hand side of each of the starting spawn points, the Rocket Launcher will either be a Ravager or a Hydra on Behemoth. Be careful getting there, though, as the area is quite exposed. You don't want to get hit by a raging Warthog or something. Seriously, that could get messy!

Halo infinite launcher behemoth
Launchers are useful for taking out vehicles especially on Behemoth. | © 343 Industries

Pulse Carbine

The Pulse Carbine spawn point will, as the name suggests, purely spawn a Pulse Carbine. It is symmetrically opposite to the Rocket Launcher's spawn point, on the left hand side respective of each player's starting spawn point. Again, be a little careful here. You are in that outer ring, so if players have started to engage in vehicle combat, you will be quite exposed in these areas.

Halo infinite pulse carbine behemoth
Who doesn't like a good Pulse Carbine in Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

Power Weapons

You can pick up the Skewer or the S7 Sniper Rifle on the top of the East and West towers. Keep in mind that they won't always be available, as they spawn every three minutes. Thus, you should look out for the 30 second timer that will appear on your screen when they're about to spawn. Additionally, the announcer will announce them.

Halo infinite power weapons behemoth
Don't forget to look out for the Sniper Rifle in particular. It's super useful on Behemoth! | © 343 Industries

Behemoth Equipment & Grenade Locations

The variety of equipment that is available in Halo Infinite is truly impressive. From the amazing new Grapple Shot to the various grenades that we have come to love and appreciate over the years, there really is nothing but love to share with what 343 Industries has done with Halo Infinite's equipment. Here are the locations of the different equipment, first as a map overview, and then as individual descriptions.

Halo infinite equipment locations behemoth revised
Wait, where's the equipment on Behemoth? Oh, here it is! | © Arturo Pérez / 343 Industries / EarlyGame


The Grappleshot is an absolute blast in Halo Infinite, and one of the best gameplay additions to join the game. It's wild and insanely overpowered, but adds a huge amount of variety and strategy to a map like Behemoth. This can be a particularly fast and effective way to get rid of those pesky campers on the top of the North and South Base. You can find the Grappleshot under the North and South Catwalks.

Halo infinite grapple shot
The Grapple Shot is arguably the best addition to Halo Infinite's Multiplayer. | © 343 Industries

Dynamo Grenade

Not much really needs to be said about Dynamo Grenades. They're insanely effective, and insanely fun to use. Keep in mind that each grenade spawn has two grenades. They are located in both South and North Basement. What I will say, however, is that you are probably better off picking up a nice sticky Plasma Grenade...

Halo infinite dynamo grenade behemoth
A classic grenade for a classic franchise. | © 343 Industries

Plasma Grenade

Who doesn't like a good sticky Plasma Grenade? The only thing we don't like is when those bloody suicide Grunts get busy with them. Other than that, though, it is insanely rewarding and feels amazing to stick one of these bad-boys to your opponent and watch them go boom! You can find them on the lower area of both the East and West Towers.

Halo infinite plasma grenades behemoth
Get sticky with some Plasma Grenades! | © 343 Industries


There's not much to say except for that the Repulsor can be super helpful on Behemoth, as it can on any Halo Infinite Map. You can find it in the East and West Tunnel, and we highly recommend you pick some up if you get the chance.

Halo infinite repulsor
Here is where to find the Repulsor in Halo Infinite's Behemoth map. | © 343 Industries

Power Equipment

You can pick up a selection of either Active Camo or Overshield on Behemoth, with the Power Equipment spawn point located in the dead center of the map. We recommend trying to avoid the area as it can be an absolute death trap, but if you want to risk it for that amazing reward, make sure to use your Grappleshot to get in there way faster!

Behemoth Vehicle Locations

Halo Infinite features a ton of fantastic vehicles, as well as its wonderful assortment of weapons and equipment. In Behemoth, you have a reasonable variety of vehicles, each with a different spawn location. Below, again, is a map that shows all the vehicle locations in the game, followed by a picture and description of each. Enjoy!

Halo infinite behemoth vehicle locations
Here are where you can find all the vehicles on Behemoth in Halo Infinite. | © Arturo Pérez / 343 Industries / EarlyGame


There are two spawn locations for the Mongoose on Behemoth, one on the north side, and one on the south side. Both are located in the eastern half of the map. As we talk about below, you need to make sure that if you are in these open areas around the Towers, you are in a vehicle. The Mongoose is a fantastic choice as it's fast, reliable, and insanely fun.

Halo infinite mongoose behemoth
Get ready to ride like the wind on the back of one of these sexy beasts. All hail the Mongoose! | © 343 Industries


Possibly the most famous vehicle in Halo, the Warthog is an absolute joy to play in Halo Infinite. There is only one spawn point for it on Behemoth, and sometimes it is replaced by an M12R Rockethog (so far less exciting). Check it out on the back platform of the East Tower, on (as the name of the tower bloody well suggests) the east side of the map.

Halo infinite warthog behemoth
The Warthog is certainly our favorite Halo Vehicle, and we're happy to see it return. | © 343 Industries

Assault Vehicle

You can pick up a selection of either the Ghost, the Banshee, or the Chopper in Behemoth. Yet again, there is only one spawn location for Assault Vehicles on this map, and it is symmetrically opposite to the Warthog. That means that you can pick up one of these bad-boys on the back platform of the West Tower. We'd recommend a flying vehicle in particular for taking out pesky campers on the rooftops!

Halo infinite chopper ghost banshee behemoth
Use Assault Vehicles to exert your dominance over Behemoth. You won't regret it! | © 343 Industries

How To Become A Pro in Halo Infinite's Behemoth Map

Halo Infinite's Behemoth Map is one of the most visually impressive maps in the game, but also one of the most tactical. To really become a Behemoth pro, you need to understand the power positions. That central area is the key, and something you really need to pay attention to. In the end, most Behemoth matches end up as a fight between the North and South Tower / Base, with a kind of tug-of-war situation unfolding particularly when you are playing Capture the Flag.

The upper levels of these bases can be huge power positions for the rest of the map, but must also always be manned by a minimum of two coordinating players so that people don't come up the lifts behind you and take control of your position. Especially when equipped with a Sniper Rifle, these high vantage points give you a wide-open view over the rest of the (outside) map, giving you plenty of opportunities for sniping.

This, if you are not engaging in long-ranged combat from the roof, you want to be either inside the structures and fighting in close-quarters, or in a vehicle. Those outside areas, especially around the initial spawns, can be death traps for players who are not within a vehicle. This is for a number of factors, but two are particularly important: other players in vehicles and those snipers on the top of the bases. Due to this, be weary of picking up the Pulse Carbine or Rocket Launchers, as they leave you very open to attack.

Overall, there are three positions you want to be in: in a vehicle, inside the building, or perched on top of a base with another player guarding your six. If you find yourself out in the open with no vehicle, or on top of a base alone, then you will likely be run over or killed from behind. Try not to camp in Behemoth, though, because it is very well designed to flush out campers. After all, it's an incredibly well designed map, and one you should definitely check out!