Halo Infinite Adding Three New PvP Modes in 2021

Halo Infinite might be getting an additional three new PvP Modes in its Multiplayer before the end of 2021.

Halo infinite new pvp modes 2021
What are the new PvP Modes coming to Halo Infinite in 2021? | © 343 Industries

By the end of the year, 343 Industries will be releasing a selection of new playlists and PvP modes for Halo Infinite. The new modes were confirmed by 343's Community Director, John Junyszek, on Twitter, where he also announced a new Social Slayer Playlist for the game's celebrated Multiplayer Mode.

It looks like 343 Industries will continue to be very quick with their updates, changes, and additions to Halo Infinite. Merely a week or so after players began complaining about how slow the Battle Pass was, 343 had already implemented changes that more-or-less fixed the issue entirely.

The Halo Infinite campaign is out in less than a week (as of writing), and the developers are already talking about more additions in December. This is some pretty solid stuff, and certainly a great look for 343 Industries, who were previously in fan's bad-books for a disappointing Halo 5: Guardians back in 2015, and a botched Halo Infinite reveal twelve months ago.

New PvP Modes and Playlists Coming to Halo Infinite

343 Industries will be adding Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (SWAT), and Free-For-All Playlists to Halo Infinite before the end of the year. Junyszek confirmed that these new modes will not arrive before the Campaign drops on December 8. We're not sure exactly when they will land, but a selection of new modes for Halo Infinite's sublime Multiplayer would certainly make a wonderful Christmas Present.

In a series of additional Tweets, Junyszek goes on to explain 343's goal with adding these new modes, revealing that the developers want more modes added to the game before they begin implementing further playlists.

Our goal for Events is to try new modes prior to adding to playlists. We'll monitor playlist health after the 3 additions above and adjust our offering if needed, but we're excited to make these updates before the holidays. This is just the start of the conversation with y'all.

One playlist in particular caught our eye, called Social Slayer. Junyszek said that multiple variations of a "Social Slayer playlist" is also being developed, but that it likely won't release "until after the holidays". He then goes on to apologize for the delay in this mode's production, citing the developers need to take a break over the Christmas Holidays.

It is always amusing when a Developer apologizes for a delay like this, especially when the product that they've already delivered is so high-quality. Don't worry, guys, just ignore the blokes on Twitter and Reddit who will complain about anything. We're looking forward to a Social Slayer Playlist - as that would be awesome - but it's perfectly okay that we won't get it tomorrow.

Whilst there are a few criticisms to level at Halo Infinite's Multiplayer mode, including the recent Tenrai Event, 343 Industries have been quick to resolve issues. Despite the fact that Halo Infinite's Multiplayer had a surprise release almost a month before the game's due date, it is an astoundingly well polished game, and has taken the world by storm. With the addition of new Playlists and Game Modes to this fantastic multiplayer experience, we can see Infinite's Multiplayer sticking around for a while!