Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass: Price, Rewards & Everything New

Season 2 of Halo Infinite is here, and 343 Industries strongly improved the battle pass. See everything on the new battle pass, from price and all rewards to the biggest changes.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass
The new battle pass for season 2 looks fantastic! | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Season 2 is finally here, and we are really excited about it! There are a lot of new things coming to Season 2, and that, of course, means a whole new battle pass as well! Developer 343 Industries already showed off the battle pass and its content shortly before the release of season 2, and we are here to show you everything on the Halo Infinite Season 2 battle pass: the price, all rewards, release date and everything that's new!

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass: What's New?

A lot, actually. It looks like 343 Industries listened to fans' feedback about the battle pass for season 1. After already changing the progression in the middle of the first season, the developers are implementing a lot more changes to the battle pass in season 2, and they sound great! Here is a short list of highlights:

  • You can finally earn Credits, the game's premium currency
  • You get a lot more unlocks in the free version of the battle pass.
  • There will be cross-core customization
  • Ultimate Rewards will be higher value cosmetics such as visors, coatings, stances, and no longer include emblems or backdrops.
  • Weekly Challenges will be improved

That all sounds really great! The ability to earn Credits is especially great, since it means that you theoretically only have to pay for a battle pass once and then can earn the currency to pay for the next one! Games like Fortnite and Call of Duty have used that model successfully, and it's good to see Halo Infinite get on board with it in Season 2.

Also, you don't necessarily need to pay for the battle pass anymore to get great rewards. The free version will have a lot more unlocks at almost every level of the battle pass. Scroll down to see all rewards and to check out how much free stuff is actually in there.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass: Price

The Halo Infinite Season 2 battle pass will cost 1,000 Credits, or $9.99 in actual money. You will also be able to pay 2,800 Credits or around $24.99 for the battle pass and 25 level ups. This is the same as the Halo Infinite Season 1 battle pass, but there is one difference: you can earn 1,000 Credits throughout the battle pass, giving you enough currency to make up for the price!

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass: All Rewards

Here is every item in the Halo Infinite Season 2 battle pass. We marked the items that you get for free, without having to pay for the premium battle pass:

Battle Pass Level

Item Name

Item Type

Level 1Broken Dreams (Free)/Survival of the FittestRare Backdrop/Legendary Kill Effect
Level 2BrawlerRare Helmet
Level 3Lone WolfEpic Charm
Level 4UA/Type DP (Free)/MK17 Mod1 CBRN/KuznetsRare Knee Pads/Epic Helmet Attachment
Level 5Challenge Swap (Free)/100 CreditsConsumable/Currency
Level 6Rakshasa (Free)/ XP BoostEpic Armor Core/Consumable
Level 7Irongrip RailsRare Left Shoulder Pad
Level 8Challenge Swap (Free)/ Irongrip RailsConsumable/Rare Right Shoulder Pad
Level 9Alabaster Cognac (Free)/ Util/RiprailEpic Vehicle Coating/Rare Utility
Level 10Challenge Swap (Free)/Black Coral BoneConsumable/Epic Armor Coating
Level 11Rasetsu (Free)/XP BoostRare Helmet/Consumable
Level 12Fireteam HellhoundEpic Weapon Emblem
Level 13Challenge Swap (Free)/ Xcudo NXSConsumable/Epic Wrist
Level 14UA|Cambra (Free)/Xcudo Knex

Epic Left Shoulder Pad/Epic Knee Pads

Level 15UA|Cambra/100 CreditsEpic Right Shoulder Pad/Currency
Level 16Challenge Swap (Free)/XP BoostConsumable
Level 17High CharityEpic AI Color
Level 18Challenge Swap/Deep StalkerConsumable/Epic Armor Coating
Level 19Evolved/FCI-I|SPDR|TrapdoorRare Charm/Epic Chest
Level 20Challenge Swap (Free)/StribogConsumable/Legendary Helmet
Level 21Bistre Mortuum (Free)/XP BoostEpic Vehicle Coating/Consumable
Level 22Fireteam HellhoundEpic Vehicle Emblem
Level 23Challenge Swap (Free)/ Mentor's GiftConsumable/Epic Visor
Level 24Alabaster Cognac/HUL-I|RS|RosekeyEpic Armor Coating/Legendary Helmet Attachment
Level 25Challenge Swap (Free)/100 CreditsConsumable/Currency
Level 26Mirus (Free)/XP BoostEpic Gloves/Consumable
Level 27Cross PurposesRare Backdrop
Level 28Challenge Swap (Free)/Armed RespiteConsumable/Rare Stance
Level 29Bluewood Bole (Free)/Power ProjectionEpic Armor Coating/Epic Weapon Coating
Level 30Challenge Swap (Free)/Sigrid Eklund KitConsumable/Legendary Armor Kit
Level 31Volant (Free)/XP BoostRare Helmet/Consumable
Level 32Catawba LiverRare Vehicle Coating
Level 33Challenge Swap (Free)/Fireteam HellhoundConsumable/Epic Armor Emblem
Level 34UA|Toktu (Free)/RampartRare Left Shoulder Pad/Epic Helmet
Level 35UA|Toktu (Free)/100 CreditsRare Left Shoulder Pad/Currency
Level 36Challenge Swap (Free)/XP BoostConsumable
Level 37AnkRare Gloves
Level 38Challenge Swap (Free)/TAC|M2497 PouchesConsumable/Epic Chest
Level 39TAC|Paradise Rig (Free)/TAS|OrcusRare Chest/Epic Helmet Attachment
Level 40Challenge Swap (Free)/Searing WindConsumable/Legendary AI Color
Level 41Watsmil Ammo Pouch (Free)/XP BoostEpic Utility/Consumable
Level 42Fireteam HellhoundEpic Nameplate
Level 43Challenge Swap (Free)/Catawba LiverConsumable/Rare Armor Coating
Level 44Unyielding Will (Free)/UA|AzhantiRare Visor/Legendary Helmet Attachment
Level 45Challenge Swap (Free)/100 CreditsConsumable/Currency
Level 46TAC|Packrat RIG (Free)/XP BoostRare Chest/Consumable
Level 47Charging ArmadilloRare Visor
Level 48Challenge Swap (Free)/UA|PhilesConsumable/Epic Left Shoulder Pad
Level 49UA|Philes/Cascade ClayRare Right Shoulder Pad/Epic Armor Coating
Level 50Challenge Swap (Free)/IratusConsumable/Legendary AI Model
Level 51HUL-I|RS[X]|Hemlock (Free)/XP BoostEpic Helmet Attachment/Consumable
Level 52Fireteam JorogumoEpic Vehicle Emblem
Level 53

Challenge Swap (Free)/TAC|RS|Midnight

Consumable/Epic Helmet Attachment
Level 54Blazing GunmetalLegendary Armor Coating
Level 55UA|HYBL (Free)/100 CreditsRare Right Shoulder Pad/Currency
Level 56Challenge Swap (Free)/XP BoostConsumable
Level 57Sportstek Model 21Rare Knee Pads
Level 58Challenge Swap (Free)/UTIL|CoolshotConsumable/Legendary Left Shoulder Pad
Level 59Byzantium Dream (Free)/UTIL|CoolshotRare Armor Coating/Legendary Left Shoulder Pad
Level 60Challenge Swap (Free)/UTIL|CoolpackConsumable/Legendary Chest
Level 61MOA Delight (Free)/XP BoostEpic AI Color/Consumable
Level 62Fireteam JorogumoEpic Weapon Emblem
Level 63Challenge Swap (Free)/AKIS II-GRDConsumable/Epic Helmet
Level 64Bluewood Bole (Free)/LiteknuckleEpic Vehicle Coating/Legendary Gloves
Level 65Challenge Swap (Free)/100 CreditsConsumable/Currency
Level 66UA|Type BF/XP BoostEpic Knee Pads/Consumable
Level 67MedkitEpic Charm
Level 68Challenge Swap (Free)/UTIL MedkitConsumable/Epic Utility
Level 69Old Voodoo (Free)/TAS|LantifridRare Armor Coating/Legendary Helmet Attachment
Level 70Challenge Swap (Free)/Packmaster's GlareConsumable/Epic Armor Effect
Level 71Linebreaker (Free)/XP BoostRare Helmet/Consumable
Level 72Controlled GrowthRare Visor
Level 73Challenge Swap (Free)/Fireteam JorogumoConsumable/Epic Armor Emblem
Level 74UA|Vorenus (Free)/Metashak TallyhoRare Left Shoulder Pad/Epic Helmet Attachment
Level 75UA|Vorenus (Free)/100 CreditsRare Right Shoulder Pad/Currency
Level 76Challenge Swap (Free)/XP BoostConsumable
Level 77UTIL|Teccnique IOTA-12

Epic Left Shoulder Pad

Level 78Challenge Swap (Free)/UTIL|Teccnique IOTA-12Consumable/Epic Right Shoulder Pad
Level 79Sizzling Coral (Free)/Brace of BladesRare Armor Coating/Legendary Gloves
Level 80Challenge Swap (Free)/ArtaiusConsumable/Legendary Helmet
Level 81Hul[5X]|BNR|Echelon/XP BoostEpic Helmet Attachment/Consumable
Level 82Fireteam JorogumoEpic Nameplate
Level 83Challenge Swap (Free)/Fireblood RiftConsumable/Rare Visor
Level 84UA|Tomris (Free)/TAS|PattonRare Left Shoulder Pad/Legendary Helmet Attachment
Level 85UA|Tomris (Free)/100 CreditsRare Left Shoulder Pad/Currency
Level 86Challenge Swap (Free)/XP BoostConsumable
Level 87UA/Type MEP[B]Epic Knee Pads
Level 88Challenge Swap (Free)/Banished TrophyConsumable/Legendary Left Shoulder Pad
Level 89Ecru Abbey (Free)/Banished TrophyRare Armor Coating/Legendary Right Shoulder Pad
Level 90Challenge Swap (Free)/AAP|HeartplateConsumable/Legendary Chest
Level 91Tactical Modalities (Free)/XP BoostRare Visor/Consumable
Level 92StoicRare Stance
Level 93Challenge Swap (Free)/Olympus TacticalConsumable/Epic Weapon Coating
Level 94UA|Deming (Free)/Hieu Dinh KitRare Left Shoulder Pad/Legendary Armor Kit
Level 95UA|Deming (Free)/100 CreditsRare Right Shoulder Pad/Currency
Level 96Challenge Swap (Free)/XP BoostConsumable
Level 97UTIL|Entrenching ToolEpic Utility
Level 98Mantle (Free)/Huntmaster's TrailEpic Backdrop/Epic Mythic Effect Set
Level 99Challenge Swap (Free)/Skullbearer TrophyConsumable/Legendary Left Shoulder Pad
Rank 100Deaconcrest Shield Node (Free)/Skullbearer TrophyLegendary Wrist/Legendary Right Shoulder Pad

If you scroll through the battle pass, you will have seen a handful of levels that are locked. In a pre-release livestream 343 showed off everything, and I really mean everything, in the battle pass except those levels. Instead, they pivoted to a cut scene, that shows a cryptic hacking sequence and some sort of security breach.

So far, it is unclear what that could mean, but the brilliant Halo content creator Mint Blitz talks in his video about it and theorizes that these missing levels are somehow related to the "story events" that 343 promised in their roadmap for this year. Like I said, that's not confirmed yet, and we don't know what it means. But if you look at Level 50, you see a new AI model called "Iratus", that seems to be a Banished AI. Could the big fellas from the campaign make their way into the multiplayer? We'll have to wait and see.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass: Release Date

The Halo Infinite Season 2 battle pass will come out on May 3, with the release of Season 2. The season will be released at a different time in every region, you can check out here when it will come out in your region.

How Long Does Halo Infinite Season 2 Last?

Halo Infinite Season 2 will again be six months long, like Season 1. Originally, Season 2 was only supposed to be three months long, but 343 seems to need more time with features like co-op & Forge, so they extended the season to twice the length. However, they haven't officially explained their reasoning for this change. Since Season 2 starts in May, that means it will end in early November.

When Is Halo Infinite Season 3 Coming?

Halo Infinite Season 3 is coming on November 8, 2022. 343 Industries hasn't said anything more on it yet, but as soon as we get more info on season 3, we will keep you updated.