How Many Missions Are In Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite is a pretty impressive game, but how many missions are there in the campaign? Let's take a look...

Halo infinite missions
Wait, how long is Halo Infinite's Campaign? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite launched on December 8, bringing possibly the best Halo Campaign since Reach launched back in 2010. We have only had two mainline Halo games since Halo: Reach, but both Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians failed to deliver that true, authentic Halo Campaign experience. Now, the last decade of Halo might have sucked, but it's back, baby! Halo Infinite is here and has absolutely blown them out of the park. That doesn't mean that Halo Infinite is perfect – not at all, in fact – but it is darn great!

Now, remember how Halo Infinite's Multiplayer launched early? Well, in the end that was a genius move because it got us into the flow of Halo Infinite's combat and its campaign. It isn't the longest campaign in the world – as you're about to find out – but it did one big new thing that truly changed the franchise forever: it introduced an open world!

So what does this mean for the campaign? Well, each of the missions that we're about to list are generally separate from the open world itself, apart from a few bigger missions which task you with doing things like destroying towers or taking out certain outposts in the open world area. This might seem a little tricky, especially on a LASO Playthrough, but with the right weapons, you are bound to become a Halo Infinite god. In addition, this campaign is perfect for getting you ready for dominating in the game's excellent multiplayer.

How Many Missions Are In Halo Infinite's Campaign?

Halo Infinite features 16 main missions in its campaign, as well as the massive open world area. The open world features an insane amount of different side-missions to complete, which we will also list below. That's not all, though, because Halo Infinite's campaign also features a tremendous number of great cosmetic items, collectibles that affect the game's multiplayer component, and achievements that you can earn to add a little more value and replayability to the single-player experience.

What are the Missions in Halo Infinite?

Here is a list of all sixteen missions in Halo Infinite, listed in the order by which you complete them when playing through the Campaign. Remember that you cannot replay missions in Halo Infinite's campaign at the moment, so you need to make the most of each as you are doing them.

  1. Warship Gbraakon
  2. Foundation
  3. Outpost Tremonius
  4. Recovery
  5. The Tower
  6. Excavation Site
  7. Conservatory
  8. Spire
  9. Pelican Down
  10. The Sequence
  11. Nexus
  12. The Command Spire
  13. Repository
  14. The Road
  15. House of Reckoning
  16. Silent Auditorium

What Side-Missions are in Halo Infinite's Campaign?

Look, we're not going to list all of them individually, but there are a tonne of different Side-Missions in the Halo Infinite Campaign. They can be broken down into several categories. In addition, there are a number of collectibles to discover, so keep a keen eye out for them.

Side-Mission TypeNumber of Side-Missions
Banished Outposts7
Forward Operating Bases (FOBs)12
High-Value Targets15
UNSC Rescues20

So there you have it, there are sixteen different missions in Halo Infinite, and if you count the above-listed set of missions, there are 54 side-missions in the massive open world that 343 Industries have built for us in this fantastic new Halo Campaign. Now, the game's story might not be ideal, but its gameplay is top-notch, and you should definitely play Halo Infinite if you get the chance. A tip? It's on Game Pass, so check it out!