Wait, You Can't Replay Story Missions in Halo Infinite?

It seems that players may not be able to replay story missions in Halo Infinite's highly anticipated Campaign. This leaves us all wondering... why?

Halo infinite replay story missions
How can you replay story missions in the Halo Infinite Campaign? Oh wait... | © 343 Industries

It looks like we won't be able to replay Halo Infinite's Campaign Missions unless we start a new save file. This is a pretty big deal, considering that all previous Halo games have actively allowed you to jump into whatever Halo Campaign Mission you want, at any time you want. Have you completed the mission? Yes? Well, then you can jump right back in and play it on Legendary. In Halo Infinite, that's looking less likely.

Halo Infinite's open world structure is a likely reason for this change, with the majority of the game being set in the semi-open world of Zeta Halo. Once you have completed sections of the game, you won't be able to return to them and replay the previous content. Well, at least according to a Microsoft Spokesperson whom talked to Polygon...

Halo Infinite's Campaign is launching momentarily, bringing players to the brand new Zeta Halo. It has, so far, received praise from the critics whom were granted early access to the game, and we have been hugely enjoying the Multiplayer Beta that saw a surprise launch last month. Halo Infinite features amazing weapons, beautiful environments, and plays like an absolute charm. With all that in mind, we're clearly insanely hyped to experience the next chapter of Master Chief's Journey.

Can You Replay Campaign Missions in Halo Infinite?

Whilst 343 Industries might add the feature post-launch, when Halo Infinite launches on December 8, you won't be able to replay missions. This was confirmed by the game's associate creative director, Paul Verge, who told The Verge:

We want to have replay that works well, and when you have a more open game, it gets a lot trickier. So we made a decision to improve the quality of the single-player campaign to ensure that, as a foundation, that it’s as strong as it possibly could be so that we could then add the other features back in.

It is likely that you will be able to replay individual missions in the future, but this feature will certainly not be available on-launch. Whilst that's a pain, we are pleased to hear that we may get to replay missions in the future without the need for making a new save file. Of course, whether we want to or not will all be dependent on whether it is good or not!

Why Can't You Replay Campaign Missions in Halo Infinite?

You won't be able to reply Campaign Missions when Infinite's campaign launches due to the game's open-world structure. It wasn't particularly well explained by both Crocker and the Microsoft Spokesperson who spoke to Polygon. Post-game content was described as follows:

The postgame does give you the option to keep exploring the wider environment, but for missions like the first two, where you’re not on the ring yet, you can’t replay from the same save file.

There are a lot of reasons to be annoyed about this, but it is slightly tempered by the fact that it is being worked on behind-the-scenes. Several features, including the ability to play in Co-Op, will be missing from the game at launch, but 343 Industries have promised that they will get these features into the game as soon as possible. Try not to worry, guys, it's better that they get these things right than rush it out of the door buggy and broken!