How to Fly a Pelican in Halo Infinite

343 Industries don't really want you to fly Pelicans in Halo Infinite, but that doesn't mean you can't.

Halo infinite pelican
How awesome is the Pelican in Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

The Pelican is one of the most iconic Halo vehicles out there. The Warthog and the Ghost are possible the only vehicles, out of many, that could be considered more iconic than these beasts of the sky. Considering all of the gorgeous vehicles and weapons that are available in Halo Infinite, let alone the rest of the series, that's a pretty serious claim to make. Yet, somehow, neither Bungie nor 343 Industries have ever made the Pelican regularly flyable in both Halo's Multiplayer or Campaign components...

Halo Infinite is no different, either, with the Pelican being a vehicle that is widely used, but not really flyable. We're here to change that, as there are a number of exploits that players can use to change this fact, considering that 343 Industries reportedly wanted to make the vehicle driveable. It's a shame that this requires exploits, but we would say that once you have managed to do this effectively you will be loving it even more than the crazy Scorpion Tank Gun Glitch that everyone's talking about!

So this is where we get to the crux of the matter: how do we actually achieve what we just described? Well, that's a little bit more complicated, and something we're going to have to take you through carefully if you want to actually fly a Pelican. We have decided to go with a method that doesn't require a mod, as it is best not to put foreign software on your computer. Follow the instructions carefully, because they will help you achieve greatness...

Flying the Pelican in Halo Infinite with No Mods

Following is a method that requires no mods to fly a Pelican. This is good, as it means that you don't need to install modification files to the game on your computer, and could also do it on console. Let's check it out...

Go to and Capture FOB Hotel

The easiest way to capture and drive a Pelican is to start by capturing FOB Hotel, as there are a number of Banshees very close by which will come in handy in a minute. This is not too hard a FOB to capture, so head-on-over and use your badass fighting skills to kill everyone at the base and capture it.

Collect One of the Banshees Nearby and Land it at FOB Hotel

Run over to the cliff near FOB Hotel, it's pretty obvious. There should should be a couple of Banshees parked here. Get into one and fly it back to the FOB Hotel, landing it right next to the vehicle spawn controls.

Call in Any Vehicle

Now you need to use the vehicle spawn column to call in any vehicle. It doesn't matter which vehicle you fly in because it is about the Pelican, not the vehicle you are calling.

Get into the Banshee and Fly Over the Pelican

Jump into the Banshee straight away and fly up above the Pelican. You need to do this quickly and be careful not to be hit by the Pelican as this could destroy the Banshee and kill you.

Get out of the Banshee and Land On the Pelican

Once you are above the Pelican, you need to jump out of the Banshee and land on top of the Pelican so that you can walk around on there. We recommend using the Banshee method as it is the easiest, but you can also attempt to get on top by calling in the Pelican with the Vehicle Spawner and using your grapple shot.

Walk Into the Pelican

Once you have landed on top of the Pelican, walk towards the cockpit making sure that you don't fall off. Once you reach the cockpit you will fall/get inside it. Now, pay attention to the next step because it is extremely important and will trick the game into allowing you to control the Pelican!

Quit the Game

Once you are inside, you will see that you are unable to drive the Pelican. You now need to quit the game. Do this as quickly as you can as the Pelican will eventually reach the death barrier and you will be killed.

Enter the Game

Now reload the game from the main menu and you should respawn at FOB Hotel. You should now notice (assuming that 343 Industries hasn't fixed this glitch/exploit) that the Pelican has crash landed next to the vehicle spawn site!

Fly the Pelican

Walk up to the Pelican and you will be able to get into it and fly it around like any other vehicle. It really is as simple as that! Now, there are a few things to note. The first is that you can only fly it within this particular area of the map, so if you want to fly it in other areas you could try flying a Banshee from FOB Hotel to another FOB that will allow you to spawn a vehicle. Other than that, though, the Pelican is awesome, and you can fly it!


So there you go! Now you can fly the Pelican in Halo Infinite with no trouble at all. As you saw from the explanation we gave, it really isn't very hard to organize this particular feat. It's also a whole lot of fun, and certainly a great way to spend your time in the Halo Infinite Campaign. How awesome is it that it's driveable, hey? Well, until next time, enjoy yourself folks!