How to Disable Crossplay in Halo Infinite

Crossplay is a great feature in Halo Infinite, but can result in a little bit of unfairness. Why is it a problem, and how do you disable it?

Halo infinite crossplay
Is it even possible to disable crossplay? | © 343 Industries

Crossplay is a key feature in Halo Infinite, as it allows players to engage with each other no matter whether they are playing on their newly-purchased Xbox Series X|S's, the good ol' Xbox One, or if they're one of the those cringy-as PC players. Let's be real: in a lot of cases, you really don't want to be going up against one of those little bundles of annoyance in Ranked Arena especially, and you really want to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite. That's what we're here to help you with right now.

Ever since Halo Infinite's Multiplayer surprise-dropped in mid-November, we have been having an absolute blast in the game. Now that they have fixed the Battle Pass, we feel that incentive to keep playing, that drive for success, that insanely addictive gameplay loops that keeps you wanting more, more, and more. But then you come across one of those little twerps on PC... "Why is there so much aim assist for the Xbox players? Why do people even play console?"... Well, you little [insert word I cannot publish here], Halo was always, and always will be, a freakin' console game.

You see, Halo Infinite Crossplay might seem like a lovely thing at first. Your mate from High School whom you haven't spoken to in a decade wants to relive the glory days, but he only has a PC? You beauty! You can play the game with him despite the fact that you're playing on your beloved Xbox Series X. The problem, though, is that Xbox Players and PC Players are often at each others throat and, after all, there was probably a reason why you didn't hang out with this bloke in ten years! I think it's time to disable Halo Infinite's crossplay.

How Do You Turn Off Halo Infinite Crossplay?

It is currently not possible to turn off Halo Infinite Crossplay, though the feature is expected to come in the near future. You can, in a way, work around this issue by playing Ranked Games where the system will generally try to place you in matches with other players who are at a similar level to you, on a similar setup. Due to the fact that PC Players have an inherent advantage over console players, this can be a good way to fix the problem of crossplay, but is certainly not fool proof as you will still often be placed in matches against cross-platform players.

Now, crossplay is not always a bad thing, and one of the benefits of playing on modern Xbox's is that they are generally pretty versatile in terms of the gameplay options they provide you with. In the case of Halo Infinite, you can actually play with a Keyboard and Mouse on Console. This is probably your best bet for dealing with Halo Infinite's crossplay challenges, at least until someone figures out how to use the Scorpion Tank Gun glitch in Multiplayer!

How to Switch Between Keyboard & Controller

It's very easy to switch from Controller to Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox. The same methodology also works for PC players who prefer to play with a controller. This is the closest you will get to disabling crossplay in Halo Infinite. Simply follow these steps...

Plug in Your Keyboard and Mouse

On Xbox, it is as simple as literally plugging in the Keyboard and Mouse via their USB inputs into the back of the console. Once this has been completed if you click any button on the Keyboard or move the mouse then it will automatically swap over to keyboard and mouse bindings.

Halo infinite keyboard bindings change
You can see in this screenshot that all the keyboard bindings have been changed to keyboard inputs. | © 343 Industries / EarlyGame

Change Bindings in the Settings Menu

Once the keyboard has been plugged in then you can head over to the settings menu on the Xbox and change the bindings to what you want under "Keyboard and Mouse". See the screenshot below for more details! Once you have activated the Keyboard and Mouse for Console, then you will more or less have removed the advantage PC Players have over Console Players and thus (in a way) disabled crossplay in Halo Infinite.

Halo infinite keyboard bindings menu
You can change your key bindings from the Settings Menu on both Xbox and PC. | 343 Industries / EarlyGame

When Should You Switch Your Input?

The benefit of switching your input is that you can choose your preferred method of control no matter whether you are playing on PC or on consoles like the Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S. This is critically important because if you are trying to play Ranked matches then you will have tremendous difficulty relearning a new control scheme, if your chosen system is different to where you have previously played Halo.

You should switch your input primarily when you are playing on console in Ranked matches, though, as you will be at a serious competitive disadvantage if you are playing with a controller against others whom play on Keyboard and Mouse. A Mouse has a much higher level of accuracy than any other kind of control method, and is perfect for twitch shooters and games that require fast reaction times. Thus, a PC player will always have an advantage over an Xbox player. This is why, in the absence of the ability to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite, we have suggested that you connect a keyboard and mouse to your Xbox.