Halo Infinite Will Have Crossplay, Cross-Progression & Special PC Features

Haloinfinite crossplay
Free to play multiplayer and crossplay & cross-progression between PC and Xbox? Halo Infinite is shaping up to be quite something. (Credit: Microsoft)

Halo Infinite will have the PC and Xbox crossplay and cross-progression many were hoping for. Also, the game will have some cool next-gen PC features.

So since you're here, allow us to render a little public service – all our Halo Infinite news at a glance, to get you up to speed:

Will Halo Infinite Have Crossplay & Cross-Progression?

If the headline didn't already give it away, yes, Halo Infinite will have crossplay and cross-progression between Xbox and PC. This makes perfect sense, since the game is also meant to launch on Game Pass and Game Pass naturally allows cross-progression. Good news for all last-gen console owners, Halo Infinite will also have crossplay on Xbox One!

This is especially great news since Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be free to play. The game will definitely have a huge playerbase and crossplay ensures that everybody can enjoy the game cross-platform. Good job, Microsoft.

Halo Infinite Special PC Features

  • Ultrawide and super ultrawide screen support
  • Triple keybinds
  • Advanced graphics options

That's all the Halo Infinite news we have at the moment, but it certainly is enough to make our day a little brighter. If you ask us, crossplay and cross-platform is the future, so we applaud Microsoft for this move.

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