Halo Infinite's Updated Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass Has Leaked!

When Halo Infinite's first Fracture: Tenrai happened back in December, there were some pretty serious problems. The renewed Battle Pass has now leaked, but is it any better?

halo infinite fracture tenrai
How are they changing up the new Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass? | © 343 Industries

When Halo Infinite's Multiplayer dropped back in November 2021, there were some pretty serious issues with the game's Battle Pass and progression systems. These issues have since been fixed, but questions still remain about 343 Industries' follow up to the game's first Event, Fracture: Tenrai. The event had its own Battle Pass, which suffered for many of the same reasons why the Season One Battle Pass suffered, begging the question "how will they shake it up for the second-round?"

Now, we need to make it clear – Fracture: Tenrai should not be mistaken for Halo Infinite's weekly challenges – but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily a more significant event than the aforementioned. After all, the ultimate reward here is a set of Samurai Spartan Armor that looks so ugly that the Master Chief would probably rather leave humanity to die than don this absolute monstrosity.

This is what brings us here. With the Winter Contingency Event winding down, the original Fracture: Tenrai Event a decent time in the past, and a bunch of changes having come to the game's Playlists in the meantime, all eyes gaze towards Fracture: Tenrai 2.0 to blow us away with a revised Event Pass and some great challenges. We cannot guarantee that this will happen, but with the recent leak of the event's Battle Pass, things are certainly looking up.

Halo Infinite's Fracture: Tenrai Battle Pass Leaked

The entire Battle/Event Pass for Halo Infinite's second Fracture: Tenrai Event has leaked on Reddit, revealing everything that we can expect from the new collection of items. There are far fewer XP boosts, and far more substance in the selection, and the leak certainly reflects what we had hoped from an upgraded Event Pass. The ugly Samurai Armor are still here, and have not been replaced by something a little less ugly, but we're going to refrain from complaining too much (after all, some people like that armor... for some reason). Let's take a look at the selection!

What's in the new Fracture: Tenrai Battle Pass?

According to the aforementioned leak, the following selection of items and rewards are included in the new version of the Fracture: Tenrai Battle Pass:

1Torii Reflection Backdrop
2Challenge Reroll
3XP Grant
4Samurai Nameplate
5Yoroi Armor Core
6Challenge Reroll
7XP Grant
8XP Grant
9Samurai Vehicle Emblem
10Gatekeeper Left Shoulder
11Gatekeeper Right Shoulder
12Dragonbark Kneepad

Echo Blue Armor Coating

14Samurai Armor Emblem

Kabuto Helmet


Dragonbark Left Shoulder

17Dragonbark Right Shoulder
18Fog Painting Armor Coating
19Samurai Weapon Emblem
20Sol Devil Weapon Coating
21Tempered Steel Armor Visor
22Dragonbark Hipguard Hip Attachment
23Jadeiron Plate Chest Attachment
24Whispered Sky Weapon Coating
25Yokai Helmet
26Spring Blossom Filter Helmet Attachment
27Funeral Bell Stance
28Whispered Sky Weapon Coating
29Staghelm Crest Helmet Attachment
30Swordsman's Belt Hip Attachment

This set of Battle Pass rewards seems pretty bloody fantastic if you ask us. To be honest, the collection of new coatings and an entire other set of armor has completely changed our mind about Fracture: Tenrai. In the original set of challenges and rewards, there were very few things to fight for. There was the one (insanely ugly) set of armor, a bunch of XP Boosts and Challenge Rerolls, and very little else in the previous Battle Pass. Now? Well, now it's substantial.

Now, there is a lot that we still don't know about this second version of the Fracture: Tenrai Event. We don't know if they are shifting the way that the whole thing works, or whether it is just the selection of items that are improving. Overall, though, what's important is that Halo Infinite continues to impress us with its progression systems and gameplay. The latter they have down pat, but the former? Well, let's just say that – overall – it needs a bit of work.