Halo Infinite's Ranked Matchmaking Is Whack

Have you ever noticed how Halo Infinite's Ranked Matchmaking has gone from excellent to completely broken? Well, don't fear, 343 Industries have noticed as well...

Halo infinite broken ranked matchmaking
What's wrong with ranked matchmaking in Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite is a great game. It's full of content, full of great cosmetics (though they are far too expensive), and full of great people (yes, we are sucking up to you, the reader). Its ranked mode is a whole lot of fun and a great way to show off your badass Halo skills to all of your friends. The problem? Well, ranked matchmaking is kind-of broken...

You see, when the game came out, everything was fine. Especially when comparing the game to its contemporaries (both Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 are by far the inferior games), Halo Infinite's matchmaking was pretty damn good too. Sure, you couldn't choose the maps and modes you wanted to play on at launch, sure things weren't perfect with the way that the Battle Pass XP worked, but overall, it was pretty darn good. Now, though, something has happened, and ranked matchmaking is a pretty big problem.

What's Wrong With Ranked Matchmaking In Halo Infinite?

Players are consistently playing about messed up skill levels in ranked matchmaking, leading to matches featuring a mix of different high and low-rated players. Many Onyx players are encountering a mix of silvers and golds, despite the fact that ranked matchmaking should make sure that a player of a lower skill level does not end up fighting someone much higher up.

This pretty much breaks ranked matchmaking, as it stops players from actually being able to verse others of the same level as them. For lower-skilled players, this means constant deaths, and for higher-level players, this means consistent kills, but very little challenge. Of course, this is of no fault of the players themselves, and is something that 343 Industries really needs to address in a patch.

343 Industries Will Fix Halo Infinite's Ranked Matchmaking

Some good news has come for ranked matchmaking, though, as 343 Industries has confirmed that the team is investigating the issue. In response to a tweet from former Apex Legends pro Jon "Falloutt" Kefaloukos, 343 Industries' John Junyszek has made a statement admitting to the problem and quelling many fan's fears.

Considering Kefaloukos' note that Halo Infinite "Used to be VERY good at matching very even matches" and that now "Something's broken", we think that Junyszek's response was rather promising. To let us know that he's asking the team to investigate means that we can be more or less assured that 343 Industries is on the case.

It is very true that when the game launched, the ranked matchmaking worked relatively well. Now it seems that, perhaps related to various updates to matchmaking that have come over the last few months, things aren't going too swell. 343 Industries obviously have a lot on their plates at the moment, including the game's new Forge mode, which is rumored to release pretty soon, and the next big event to grace Halo Infinite's multiplayer. Thus, we are glad to see them paying as much attention to fixing issues like this as well as producing high-quality new content.