Did Big Team Battle Just Get Fixed in Halo Infinite?

It seems that the persistent problems with Big Team Battle in Halo Infinite may have been resolved...

Halo infinite big team battle fix
Will Big Team Battle finally work properly? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite has been suffering through a pretty major condition of "this game mode doesn't bloody work" over the last few weeks. The ongoing problems seen with Big Team Battle have been seen as pretty down-right game breaking for that particular game mode, with 343 Industries releasing and promising several fixes, several times. Now it seems like they believe they've got it right, but have they?

This ongoing problem has been rather frustrating for many fans who wanted to play Big Team Battle with a larger group of friends. Big Team Battle, or BTB as we will here-on refer to it as, is one of Halo Infinite's premier game mode playlists, taking place on the larger of the game's many fantastic maps. This playlist sees two eight-player teams battling out in various different Playlist-related game modes. These modes include Capture the Flag and Slayer, amongst others.

Why is Big Team Battle Not Working in Halo Infinite?

There is an ongoing server-based problem that is prohibiting larger parties from getting into games. In addition, when they are able to access matches, they frequently disconnect and see some pretty serious performance problems. This issue is only effecting BTB matches, and was originally addressed by a patch around two weeks ago. This patch did not work, however, but 343 Industries now say that they may have solved the problem.

Have 343 Industries Fixed Big Team Battle in Halo Infinite?

343 Industries have announced in an update on Halo Waypoint that a new patch will be available in the next few days which should fully resolve the ongoing problems with BTB in Halo Infinite. The statement reads as follows:

Using the telemetry we received from the hotfix on January 19, we were able to make a new build with an update that we believe should address the core issue impacting the BTB playlist. The studio ran a successful playtest today and plans to send it off for certification on Monday. After it’s sent off, it will take some time to go through the certification process and to find out if it’s approved. Once it’s approved, we’ll begin preparing to release it to the public. Since there’s still a little more of the internal release process to go through, the earliest we’d expect this hotfix to land would be next Thursday, February 3.

We expect that, seeing as 343 Industries have been quite on top of such fixes in the past, we can expect to receive the patch at latest by the end of the weekend, and that it should finally put a stop to this pain-in-the-butt bug. Halo Infinite features a lot of great modes over a lot of great maps, and despite the game initially suffering some problems with its progression system, it has now proven itself as one of the best shooters to release over the last couple of years.

With talk about Halo Infinite's second season dominating headlines at the moment, and even rumors about a new piece of Story DLC that may come to the game later this year, we expect that 343 Industries will be keen to iron out all of the ongoing problems found in Halo Infinite. This will guarantee that the game can retain a reasonable player base, and maintain its longevity as the gaming industry's new premier shooter. We will keep you updated right here on EarlyGame's Halo Infinite page.