When is Co-Op Coming to the Halo Infinite Campaign?

Co-Op did not come to Halo Infinite's Campaign when it dropped in December, but when will we get it?

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Halo Infinite is here, but when will we get co-op? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Season 1 is here, and it kicks butt! The one problem, though, is that the game lacks one of those very simple mechanics that have been available – and featured in Halo – since Combat Evolved drop more than two decades ago. What is it? Well, it's co-op. Co-op is unavailable in Halo Infinite, both in the Multiplayer portion of the game (in terms of couch-co-op) and in the single player Campaign (in terms of any co-op). Why? Well, it's complicated.

343 Industries had quite a difficult time developing Halo Infinite, originally intending for the single player campaign to feature an open world as big as Breath of the Wild, changing hands several times, and producing a very poor gameplay demo about 18 months ago. We all remember Craig, and we have to remember that after that happened Microsoft actually delayed the game, and 343 Industries had to seriously go back and fix up a lot of the problems in the game.

To make these fixes, 343 Industries would have had to put a bunch of different features on hold. The principle victims: Forge Mode and Campaign Co-Op! We certainly hope that they will see a return, and 343 Industries have simply said that they would not release "on launch", which implies that both Forge and Co-Op is coming in the (at least relatively) near future. When will Co-op come to Halo Infinite's campaign, though?

When will we get Co-Op in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite's Co-Op content will likely come when Season 2 drops. Now, we don't know exactly when Season 2 will drop, but it has been delayed from its previous release date in March. We have a few theories about when Halo Infinite's second season will drop, and our main expectation is that it will get a May 2022 launch. This is also likely a victim of Halo Infinite's somewhat troubled development.

It has been made pretty clear that co-op was at least in-development for Halo Infinite before it dropped in December, because a player revealed on Twitter that they were able to access co-op via an in-game glitch. We would not recommend it, though, as it is rather broken and doesn't work properly. We would just wait until co-op officially releases in a few months time. In the meantime you can play the game's fantastic multiplayer and enjoy Master Chief's latest adventure without split-screen or online co-op. It's okay, guys, not everything needs to be social!