Halo Infinite's Second Battle Pass Will Let You Earn Credits In Multiplayer

Halo Infinite's Battle Pass was a disappointment to many fans when it launched. But they've responded to the criticism well, and they're going to let us earn Credits through multiplayer with the next BP.

Halo infinite Battle Pass
Looks like the Battle Pass is set to improve! | © Microsoft

Halo Infinite's first Battle Pass caused a lot of discontentment when it was first released. If you didn't pay for it yourself, basically it was a $10 pass that was supposed to level as you played during the season, similar to XP. There were 100 levels, and as you reached each level, you unlocked a cosmetic reward. Battle Passes effectively make the normal progression system more rewarding. But Halo Infinite's first BP was taking players so long to progress that they felt they had wasted $10. Well, 343 Studios made some much-needed adjustments, and now they've announced even better news about next season's Battle Pass.

How To Earn Credits in Season 2's Battle Pass?

Halo Infinite's lead designer has announced that in the second Battle Pass you will be able to earn Credits back as you level. You can read the announcement yourself beneath:

We've seen this in a lot of Battle Passes, like Warzone's for instance, and it's a good incentive. You put $10 into the ecosystem, which is converted into 1200 Credits (or whatever that game's currency happens to be) and then you buy your Battle Pass. If you play the game a ton, and you complete the Battle Pass, you earn back maybe as much 1300 Credits by earning 100 Credits at 13 different levels of completion. The rewards are cashback rather than cosmetics. Well, you never get real money back, so they never lose, but perhaps you earn enough Credits to get the next season's Battle Pass and you keep playing regularly.

It makes the whole system feel a lot more rewarding, and it allows you to spend the extra Credits on premium standalone items rather than just more Battle Passes. But we'll see how the Halo community respond when it's actually been released.

When Is Halo Infinite Season 2 Released?

Halo Infinite Season 2 is expected at some point in May, but we don't know exactly when yet. This is an unfortunately long wait post-launch for more content, but it will probably beat Battlefield at least...