Halo Infinite Hotfix Out Now: BTB Fixes, Free Items and More!

A new hotfix just came out for Halo Infinite. It is not just supposed to fix some major issues, but will also grant players some free items!

Halo Infinite Hotfix January
The lads and I trying to play some BTB... has 343 finally fixed it? | © 343 Industries

Look, we love Halo Infinite, but it's not perfect. There have been a few issues, that have kept the community busy with complaints and helpless cries. One of the few biggies that hasn't been addressed by developer 343 Industries yet, is the problem with the Big Team Battle (BTB) mode. It's basically just not working, players are complaining daily about not being able to get into it, servers being unstable and so on. 343 have finally done something about it and released a hotfix, including some free items as well. Did it fix the issue or is BTB still a mess?

Halo Infinite Hotfix Out Now: BTB Fixes, Free Items and More!

This hotfix was announced and released late evening on January 19 on Twitter. The update is about 1 GB in size and should be available for Xbox as well as PC. The hotfix contains "Minor service adjustments to improve Big Team Battle matchmaking". See all the info in the tweet below:

The update also includes slight changes for Oddball, more concretely "Minor physics improvement to the Oddball to mitigate exploits". Not that exciting. However, our mouths do water a bit at this offering of free items, that have come with the hotfix and will be available for a while:

All players who sign into Halo Infinite between 10am PT on January 19th and 10am PT on February 16th, 2022 will receive 5 Double XP Boosts and 5 Challenge Swaps. These items will automatically be added to your inventory when you launch the game.

Is BTB In Halo Infinite Fixed Now?

The sad answer seems to be: no. Now, listen... the hotfix hasn't been out for long, so the data is limited. But the complaints haven't stopped yet and people still seem to have those issues with the mode.

Look at this video of famed Halo content creator Mint Blitz, where he highlights that the problems with Big Team Battle haven't gone away:

And that is such a shame. 343 Industries have been really good about addressing fan complaints, from changing the battle pass and making cosmetics cheaper to introducing new playlists and announcing new maps. But this is one of the biggest (no pun intended) modes in the game and for most people it just doesn't work. Shame, big shame... but I'm sure the next patch is just around the corner.