Halo Infinite's Overpriced Cosmetics Are Getting Cheaper

The Halo community might be a bit whiny, but their consistent criticism of the overpriced cosmetics in Halo Infinite was justified. 343 has heard them and will reduce shop prices soon.

Halo Infinite Cosmetics Will Get Cheaper
Want to get a snazzy skin in Halo Infinite but thought they were too spenny? Then we got good news for you! | © 343 Industries

Maybe the most consistent criticism of Halo Infinite's wonderful multiplayer since its surprise release in November was the genuinely baffling in-game store. It featured not just controversial (read: hideously ugly) skins, they were also extremely expensive AND only available in bundles, you couldn't really get single items without having to buy the whole thing. 343 Industries finally reacted to the fan feedback and will change the in-game store soon, to make the cosmetics cheaper and more easily available.

Halo Infinite's Overpriced Cosmetics Are Getting Cheaper This Week

This news was announced by Jerry Hook, head of design over at 343 Industries. He explained in a Twitter thread that they have been "monitoring the discussions on the shop, bundles, and pricing closely since launch" and those changes will roll out this week!

He goes on to explain these changes:

Starting Tuesday, the Shop experience will vary week-to-week. We are focused on reducing pricing across the board, providing stronger values in our bundles, starting to put individual items outside of bundles, and more.

What these changes exactly look like is not yet clear, especially in terms of pricing. But considering that literally the entire fan communication has been dominated by the opinion that the shop sucks and that the cosmetics are just way too overpriced, it's good to see them finally address that.

It shouldn't be too surprising, since 343 has generally been pretty good about listening to fan feedback and adjusting the game accordingly. They have quickly changed the controversial Battle Pass to make it more fun, added specific playlists to the game and are going to add some new maps to the game soon, among other much-requested features. If they can keep this rhythm up, surely all those whiny dudes on the Halo subreddit should be quiet for a bit, right? We'll see...