Halo Infinite: February 3 Update Fixes BTB

After months of being basically broken, Big Team Battle has finally been fixed in Halo Infinite. 343 Industries issued an update to the game that should fix the major issues with BTB.

Halo infinite big team battle fix
Big Team Battle is finally fixed! | © 343 Industries

They have gone and done it. Since around mid-December, fans of Halo Infinite have been complaining about one of the major modes, Big Team Battle (BTB), simply not working. It was broken and people were super mad about that. Rightfully so, as it's supposed to be one of the major modes in Halo Infinite's great multiplayer, and it just wasn't working. Until now.

Of course, 343 Industries knew about this problem and tried to fix it. But the initial hotfix didn't quite get the job done, the mode was still broken. But it gave the developers enough data to finally make an update that fixed BTB. And it's now here! Everybody, say it with me: BTB is finally fixed!

New Halo Infinite Update Fixes BTB

The good news was shared on Halo Waypoint, along with some extended patch notes. They are mostly focused on BTB, fixing the matchmaking and changing some vehicle placements, among other things. Check the full patch notes out below:

Like I said, this is amazing news. Big Team Battle was super fun in the first few weeks of Halo Infinite but then... it just didn't work. Now we will get the joy of these massive 12v12 battles again, jumping into a Warthog with a buddy while wreaking havoc on amazing maps like Fragmentation.

Now, of course, this whole ordeal is a big shame, and it shouldn't have happened. But again 343 are addressing the complaints of the community as quickly as possible. They have been pretty good with that since the release of Halo Infinite's multiplayer in November. Since then, we saw them change the annoying progression of the Battle Pass and make it so much better and also adapt the high prices of the in-game cosmetics to be more friendly to the players. If they keep this cadence going, the game could be really popping off once Season 2 comes around later this year.