Halo TV Show Release Date & Details Confirmed in New Trailer

The long-anticipated Halo TV Show is coming, and we've finally got a trailer. What does it reveal?

Halo tv series release date
Chief looks pretty slick in the new Halo TV Series trailer. | © Paramount

The Halo TV Series has officially been revealed by Paramount. Not only did it confirm that Master Chief will be in the long-awaited show, but that he will be joined by a number of other iconic Spartans, and that the show will be available on Paramount Plus, the company's very own streaming platform. The most exciting piece of news, though, is that it is coming to our television screens far sooner than we originally thought that it would.

Teased back in December, Halo: The Series got its very own two-minute story trailer revealed that, amongst other things, Master Chief's story is going to look very different on the small screen. Chief does look pretty dope, though, with some pretty stunning visuals showcased within the series, despite the trailer's absolutely abhorrent music.

We have to admit, though, that this bad-boy does give us pause for breath, as it picks up the pace instantly with some pretty specky action sequences. The trick, though, is going to be whether Paramount can give the show a level of humanity, considering the absurdity of the content itself. Let us not forget that this is going to be a show about giant armoured super-soldiers fighting weird little aliens. It's hardly sophisticated stuff, and there's going to need to be a lot of work put in to making sure that the show is not just a twelve-year-old's wet dream.

The trailer does, admittedly, include Master Chief's classic "big masculine white man" voice, with all the characters shown speaking very seriously about very serious things whilst very silly things are happening on-screen. This is not a complaint, this level of cheese can actually be hard to come by, but we have to admit that Paramount's best bet to make this show even slightly bearable will be to make it at least a bit tongue-in-cheek. To be honest, it sadly doesn't look like that's the direction that they're taking. Instead, it seems like this is going to end up basically as Halo: Game of Thrones edition. Take a look:

Ultimately, though, it's not really about what I think is it? We'll have to wait and see whether the show will live up to the potential derived from this classic gaming franchise. Halo Infinite's campaign lacked a comprehensible plot – and may even be receiving story DLC to fix that problem – so it might be nice to get a show that takes advantage of the franchises lore.

Where Can I Watch Halo: The Series?

Halo: The Series will be available on Paramount+. It will be one of a few tv-shows coming to the streaming service in 2022 to boost subscription numbers after it launched last year. Halo is a massive IP, with a very loyal and lucrative fan and player-base. Thus, combined with the massive success seen by Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher, it isn't such a stretch to think that a Halo TV Show could be an absolute killer.

When is the Halo TV Show's Release Date?

Halo: The Series will release for Paramount+ users on March 24, 2022. It is uncertain as of writing whether the series will see a Netflix-style all-at-once release, or whether we can expect a more standardized release schedule like other TV Shows. We could perhaps be getting a new episode once a week, but it isn't really clear. This especially goes because the TV Show will be provided by an on-demand streaming service, not a traditional television network.

Honestly, though, this looks pretty dope. Jen Taylor is going to be Cortana and we can confirm from the trailer that the Elites, at least, look pretty great. Oh, and that Energy Sword, man? That was awesome! Okay, maybe this is a little bit of a twelve-year-old wet dream that I can understand? As a long-time Halo fan, I've been waiting for a proper show since Forward Unto Dawn in 2012. That was a long time ago! It came out with Halo 4! If this is good, I'm going to be all over this bollocks...