How To Fix Halo Infinite's Battle Pass Not Working

Is Halo Infinite's Battle Pass not working for you? Well, that's a shame! Let's take a look at why Halo Infinite's Battle Pass might not be working, and what you can do to resolve the issue.
Halo infinite battle pass not working
How do we fix Halo Infinite's Battle Pass? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is free-to-play, and we all know what that means: an overly bloated and expensive Battle Pass. Now, that might have sounded cynical, but we would like to remind you that games like Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 also sell overly bloated and expensive Battle Passes, and those games have to be purchased! They also sell them far more frequently, for more-or-less the same price.

Anyway, the point is that Halo Infinite has a Battle Pass, and despite of the fact that we do enjoy a lot of what they have done with it, the game's Battle Pass is not without its flaws. After all, they have already released a pretty major fix for the Battle Pass, which solved some progression issues. 343 Industries have also acknowledged other bugs in the game, like the issue with Halo Infinite's Compatible Graphics Driver, and problems with the game's challenges.

That's where we come to today's article. Many people are having ongoing problems with Halo Infinite's Battle Pass, where it is often not loading, showing up in the menu, or perhaps not working at all. There's a lot to investigate, and no set fix as-of-yet. Right now, there is no absolute fix for the issue, so we're here to take you through a few options that could help resolve the problem in a number of different ways. Let's dive in...

Fixing the Halo Infinite Battle Pass Not Working Error

Following is a list of different options to help resolve the Battle Pass Not Working Error. None of these strategies are guaranteed to fix the issue, but they will all help determine the overall problem. We hope that something here will help, and we're crossing our fingers!

Check that the Game is Fully Up-To-Date

You need to make sure that Halo Infinite is fully updated, as certain online features like Weekly Challenges and the Battle Pass require the game to be fully updated to function properly. Jump back onto the home screen of your Xbox, or take a gander on Steam or the Microsoft Store to make sure that it is totally up-to-date. You won't regret it!

Did you buy the Battle Pass? Are you at Level 25?

Some players have an issue where they are supposed to have been granted level skips in the Battle Pass, but it hasn't applied. If this is the issue, and the Battle Pass seems to not be working properly, then make sure that you have used all the XP tokens that the game will have put into your inventory. These XP tokens are supposed to be the method for boosting you to level 25. Thus, if you apply them, you will be granted the 25 ranks you are missing.

Restart the Game

Now, as usual, when we say that you need to restart the game, we do not mean to simply put your computer or Xbox to standby. You need to fully restart the system. That means that the game is totally turned off and the system totally shutdown, then all turned on again. You won't believe how often this will fix your problem!

Battle Pass Not Loading from halo

Reinstall the Game

If restarting the game doesn't fix the issue, try reinstalling it from scratch. Honestly, it might seem really dumb, these things might seem like useless pieces of advice, but we promise that it can fix the issue super quickly!

Contact Microsoft Support

If none of our solutions have worked for you, you should use Halo Waypoint to report and request support for the ongoing issue that you are experiencing. This is important so that the developers can fix the issue in the future, and possibly offer you advice as to how you can get it working in the meanwhile.

So there you have it! A number of different fixes to help you resolve the Halo Infinite Battle Pass Not Working Error. If your little loading circle is still spinnin' around and around, then we apologize for not being able to help you. Hopefully Microsoft Support will help! In the meantime, cheerio, and enjoy Halo Infinite!