Halo Infinite: Update On Campaign Co-Op, Forge, Roadmap Delayed

343 Industries wanted to update fans on Campaign Co-Op, Forge and a Seasonal Roadmap in January. They now officially delayed these announcements.

Halo infinite
When are Campagin Co-Op, Forge and a Roadmap coming to Halo Infinite? Soon... hopefully. | © 343 Industries

It's not easy being a Halo fan. Listen, we love Halo Infinite. We really do. And we still play the hell out of the multiplayer because it's just an absolute blast. But you know how it goes with games like this: the community has complaints. Of course they do, how could they not? Any game of this size has countless people complaining 24/7. There are so many of them, they could fill up the map of Infinite's campaign twice over.

But we get it, at least some of it. The progression was annoying, the shop was a bit of a joke. But 343 quickly listened and changed some things. They made the Battle Pass much better and lowered prices for the controversial Cosmetics in the in-game item shop. There are some key elements to Halo though, that fans are still desperately waiting for: Campaign Co-Op and Forge. 343 Industries wanted to update people on these things, in addition to releasing a roadmap for the multiplayer mode, in January. As you surely know, we're already in February, soooo... what's going on here?

Halo Infinite: Update On Campaign Co-Op, Forge, Roadmap Delayed

Obviously, they didn't make the deadline, and they now officially delayed the promised update. This sad message was delivered by the man, the myth, the legend Joseph Staten himself. He went on Twitter to announce, that they "need more time" in order to get things ready.

In the tweet, Staten explains the situation around the promised update on Campaign Co-Op, Forge and a much-awaited Roadmap for the future of Halo Infinite's multiplayer.

We need more time to finalize our plans so what we share is something you can rely on. This work is my top priority, and we'll have an update as soon as we can.

The reaction was predictable. Like I said, a lot of fans have been waiting for these features since release. So understandably, they were a bit pissed off. But also there was a lot of understanding for 343. And that is good. Halo Infinite had, as we all know by know, a really troubled development history and the developers clearly want to make sure, that the content they deliver meets a high standard of expectations. So (some) people are willing to give them the time, and that's great

Season 1 of Halo Infinite runs until May and people are starting to get excited about season 2. Yes, the game is not the most content rich, and these highly anticipated game modes are surely coming by the second season, at the latest. But things like the Tenrai-event give players a nice pallet cleanser from grinding the weekly challenges and hopefully that will keep us happy enough until Campaign Co-Op and Forge are finally here.