More Halo Infinite Forge Leaks Reveal Details Upon Details

Halo Infinite's Forge Mode has been shrouded in mystery since the game was announced all those years ago. Now, it seems that it is shrouded in frosting instead.

Halo infinite forge
Forge isn't in Halo Infinite yet, but could it be just around the corner? | © Bungie / Microsoft

It's official, folks, the most important game of 2021 is getting one of the best modes to ever grace a video game... ever... Forge is coming! Alright, now that wasn't the best opening sentence – it was so incomprehensible, in fact, that it reminded us of Halo's weekly challenges – but the sentiment is correct. A leak has, in fact, revealed the first look that we've ever had at Halo Infinite's upcoming Forge Mode.

Forge has been a staple of the Halo experience since it debuted in 2007's Halo 3. This map-editor and creator is an amazing feature that has added a ton of longevity and creativity to the Halo franchise, and will be a welcome addition to Halo Infinite. 343 Industries have come under fire recently for their constant multiplayer events, the broken cosmetics system, and a lack of co-op in both multiplayer and the campaign at launch. Forge? Well, it's good news for the Halo community.

In a single moment, we got our first glimpse at Forge in Halo Infinite and then had it whisked briskly away like salt in the wind. Luckily, though, earth won't be salted by this leak as a number of Redditors have picked up the grains and distributed them. This first-ever screenshot looks pretty great, even if it is simple as hell. Let's take a look...

[UPDATE: February 22, 2022]

More Halo Infinite Forge Leaks

Over the week and a half since we originally wrote this article, a bunch more Forge leaks have surfaced. Ranging from more Christmas-Themed items like what was featured in the leak below, to actual shots of the game's creative menus, there is a lot to digest. Thus, we're here to help you do just that.

The same leaker whom originally had his posts removed from Twitter (detailed below) has additionally revealed the Forge Monitor - both an in-game shot and a design shot - as well as a look at weather manipulation in the game (see the Tweet below). This is not all, however, as another popular Halo Infinite leaker has now taken centre stage...

Now, there's a lot to break down here so we're not even going to try. Twitter leaker @leaks_infinite has released dozens of posts about the game's upcoming Forge Mode. One even features an unreleased Shotgun Variant being used in Forge, whilst a couple of others actually show what seem to be in-game menus.

One clip shows a Banished Jump Pad that had been placed in Forge, and another showed a Slipspace Portal. There are so very many posts from this gentleman that it is legitimately impossible to take a look at here. The game's Forge Mode will hopefully be shown off officially sooner rather than later, but it's hard to know when this will actually be. Hopefully these leaks are all legit, because they look darn awesome!

[ORIGINAL ARTICLE: February 14, 2022]

Halo Infinite's Forge Leaked on Twitter

In a leak posted by a popular Halo Infinite leaker, we have received our first glimpse at the game's new Forge mode. The screenshot, which features a picture of a giant gingerbread house, is pretty impressive and comes along with another Halo Infinite leaker who posted screenshots of the Forge Menu. What could this all mean? Well, first let's take a look at that gingerbread house...

Halo infinite forge gingerbread house
Well, this actually looks pretty legit... and it's from a pretty reliable leaker! | © 343 Industries / @HaloNoticiasMX via Twitter

So whether this screenshot is legitimate is, as always, a question for the ages. There is always a lot to think about when it comes to Halo Infinite leaks as everyone wants Forge to come out asap, so people do capitalize on that with a lot of misinformation and fake news. This one, however, is a screenshot from a very well-known leaker and – this is really important – the original tweet was taken down on what we assume to be a DMCA claim.

Often when posts like this one are taken down, it means that they are, at least to a certain degree, legit. Why would an incorrect, illegitimate screenshot be taken down? Microsoft and 343 Industries, let alone Twitter, wouldn't give a flying fork about it. This one, though? Well, it looks very real, looks very funny, has the fans excited, and has been DMCA'd. What else do we have to say? It seems pretty bloody legit at this stage!

So what do you think? Seeing as that we've received multiple Halo Infinite Forge leaks in pretty short succession, we could imagine that it might not be too far away. Perhaps we could expect to receive it when Season 2 releases later this year, or with that rumored Story DLC? Whatever happens, we honestly can't wait to dive into the next version of this fantastic, classic game mode. We believe in you, 343! Don't let us down...