Guys, Elon Musk is a Fan of Halo Infinite!

Elon Musk has confirmed that he's a fan of 343's latest effort. To be fair, Halo Infinite is pretty bloody fantastic!

Halo infinite
Masterchief played by one of the wealthiest people on earth | © Microsoft

Who's the most likely person to develop bad-ass super soldiers in our lifetimes? Who could potentially be the Dr. Halsey of the real-world? Who keeps absolutely slaying on the Joe Rogan Experience? Who is the ex-partner of our Rocket League Player of the Month for January 2022? Who should probably stay off Twitter? Who should continue to be one of the most technologically influential people in the 21st century? Who? Well, Master Musk of course! Otherwise known as Elon Musk.

Oh, and guess what? It turns out that Elon Musk is not only the most likely person to basically cause Halo to happen in real-life, but he's also a huge fan of the franchise. More specifically, though, he's loving the absolute bollocks out of Halo Infinite. We can't blame him, either! Despite some pretty rough patches early on, Halo Infinite's Campaign was more-or-less a slam-dunk, and we're super hyped for a second season and a bunch more maps to pop their way around the bend.

It's not surprising, to be honest, to become aware of Mr. Musk's affinity for Halo. He's pretty obsessed with space, after all, and is a big fan of new and innovative technologies. To think that he spends his off time chillin' and playing a few rounds of multiplayer with his mates is a pretty great though, though, and we would love to find ourselves suckered into a game with him. Is he good at Halo? What's his favourite map? So many questions! Here are the details...

Elon Musk: "Halo Infinite campaign is good"

Elon Musk is not particularly skilled with words, but nothing spells out our opinion better than his short-and-sharp analysis of Halo Infinite's Campaign: "Halo Infinite campaign is good". The tweet, sent out on January 31, 2022, made it bloody clear that not only was Musk playing Halo Infinite, but that he was loving the hell out of the game's campaign. This is, for many, a sign that we are all correct – Halo Infinite's Campaign is, indeed, good!

We want to know more, though. What does he think of the brand new Grapple Hook? Did he use that awesome Scorpion Tank glitch? Has he done a solid LASO playthrough? More importantly, what does he think of the rumour that Halo Infinite will be getting Story DLC in the next year? After all, whilst the campaign was – factually – fantastic, it didn't conclude Chief's story particularly well... or at all, actually.

This South African businessman is possibly the richest man in the world, runs SpaceX, The Boring Company and Tesla, seems to spend an awful amount of time smoking weed with Joe Rogan, and is an absolute boss. How the hell, though, has he managed to make time for Halo Infinite? That's what we're wondering. Where's the time, how did he manage it? We barely had the time, and it's our bloody job! Seriously, this dude can do anything.

What's more, ever since Elon Musk pointed out how great Halo Infinite's Campaign is, things have got gradually more wild. Why do I say this? Well, it's simple: everyone is calling for Elon Musk and 343 Industries to team up and deliver the Tesla CyberTruck into Halo Infinite's Campaign and Multiplayer. The vehicle seems to be designed with the Warthog in mind, looks awesome, and would absolutely fit in. Honestly, this is an amazing idea. Please do it!

So there you have it: not only is Elon Musk awesome, but he plays Halo Infinite and love it. We hope to see a collaboration between one of Elon Musk's companies and Halo. If this happens, we'll be frothing more than we did when we realized that Halo Infinite's second season isn't that far away. Seriously guys, check out Halo Infinite, it's great and far better than both Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Vanguard. What more could you want?