Where Is The Famine Skull Location In Halo Infinite?

Are you hungry for another Skull? Well, maybe it's time to pick up the Famine Skull in Halo Infinite. Where is it and what does it do?

famine skull
Feeling a little... famished? | © 343 Industries

One of the easiest Skulls to get to in Halo Infinite, the Famine Skull lies in the arms of a dead Elite. Perhaps the Elite died of starvation? That would make a lot of sense, considering the context and name of the Skull. It would be one of the more inventive of the many Skulls available in Halo Infinite, but also one of the more morbid...

Anyway, Halo Infinite is full of great Skulls, and the Famine Skull is... actually, yeah, it is an exception. It kind of sucks. I mean, compared to the IWHBYD Skull or the Black Eye Skull, there isn't much to like here. Its effect is a real pain in the butt, no fun at all, and certainly makes a LASO playthrough absolutely diabolical. Thus, we ask 343: why, just... why?

What Is The Famine Skull In Halo Infinite?

The Famine Skull makes all enemy drops feature half their usual quantity of ammo in Halo Infinite. It is a real pain in the butt as it means that you will more regularly find yourself with significantly less ammo than you would otherwise want, or perhaps, none at all. Why you would want to apply this is beyond me, but you did ask for it so... I guess I'll show you how to get it!

How To Get The Famine Skull In Halo Infinite

To get the Famine Skull in Halo Infinite, you need to follow these couple of instructions. It is one of the easiest Skulls featured in the game, and certainly not something to be worried about, so stay calm and just read the darn instructions!

Head to the Rough Famine Skull Location

The Famine Skull is located on an Island in the southeast of the map, a little off the coast. You can actually use the Grappleshot to fling yourself across to the island, but our method is much safer. Here's a map to show you where you need to go.

famine skull location map
Here is the Famine Skull Location in Halo Infinite. | © 343 Industries

Steal a Flying Vehicle or Get One From a FOB

Head to a nearby FOB, or somewhere that you know that you can get a flying vehicle and ever steal or summon one.

Fly to the Island

Once in the flying vehicle, fly east to the island, across the gap on the coast and on top of the giant rock island. It's pretty impressive and looks pretty beautiful, to be honest. Make sure to land it carefully so that you can get back in to fly onto the mainland again.

Go to the East of the Island

Once you have landed on the top of the Island, head to the eastern-most portion and look along the cliffs for the dead body of an Elite. It will require some good traversal, but it's a small area, so you will find it lying dead on the top of a cliff.

Collect the Famine Skull

Once you have made it to the Elite, you will find the Skull clutched in his hand. Collect the Famine Skull, head back to your vehicle, fly back to the mainland and activate it... if you are a sadist and want the darn thing activated... Again, why?

Look, we're very aware that you have an aversion to reading. Today's youth really hate actually engaging their brain. That's why we're including a quick video guide, just in case...

So there you have it! The Famine Skull is yours, and you are going to be going hungry for ammunition forever after. Why would you use this other than for a LASO playthrough, seriously? It's just sadistic! Well, you know what doesn't use collectible ammo and thus will be unaffected by the Famine Skull? The Scorpion Tank Gun exploit, of course! Try it out, you won't regret it!