Where Is The Catch Skull Location In Halo Infinite?

This li'l nugget of a skull is a fun catch in Halo Infinite's fantastic open-world campaign.

Halo infinite catch skull
Check out the Catch Skull in Halo Infinite's Campaign! | © 343 Industries

Let's be absolutely honest with you: Halo Infinite's campaign is darn addictive, and has us exploring every nook and every cranny. The incredible selection of Skulls that are available certainly don't hurt, giving us tons of replayability and a ton of different reasons to return and run a muck on the Zeta Halo. Now, we've broken our general rule of "no skull location spoilers" for this bad-boy, so let's explain why.

You see, the Catch Skull is actually one of the easiest and quickest Skulls to find in the game. It is not a missable skull, as it is located on the Zeta Halo rather than in a mission, but what we will say is that it is a bit more of a brutal skull than the likes of the Mythic or Cowbell skulls. That doesn't dissuade us, though, because we do love those delicious grenades...

What Is The Catch Skull In Halo Infinite?

The Catch Skull causes enemies to both throw and drop more grenades in Halo Infinite's campaign. This can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there are a lot more grenades to pick up and use to your advantage on the battlefield. On the other hand, though, your arse is going to need to be good at dodging explosions if you want to even stand a chance at surviving. Could you even imagine combining this bad-boy with the Boom Skull? Utter chaos!

How To Get The Catch Skull In Halo Infinite

Following is a complete guide as to where and how you can get those grubby li'l mitts on the Catch Skull. It is not a missable skull, so don't worry, if you've played a decent chunk of the campaign already, then you can still pick this bad-boy up!

Liberate Outpost Terminus

Towards the beginning of the campaign, you will be tasked with liberating Outpost Terminus. It is pretty easy, just kill everyone in the Outpost and activate the thingy to capture it for yourself. Honestly, 343 Industries are pretty unoriginal in this department...

Head North Of Outpost Terminus

From here, you need to head Northwards, towards the upper island on the map. You will naturally want to head South from Outpost Terminus, but use a clever combination of jumps, sprinting and your grappling hook to navigate to the small island that is a little north of the outpost.

Find The Tree Trunk In The Canyon

You will reach the very north of the map and, at the end of a long canyon, and you will see a hollowed-out trunk where a tree has clearly been felled. The Catch Skull is inside this tree trunk, and incredibly easy to pick up. There's just one catch...

Beat the Hunters

Yes, the catch is that there are two Hunters guarding this tree trunk. You need to defeat these two Hunters before you can even slightly hope to collect the Catch Skull! It shouldn't be too hard, just use your grapple hook to get behind those buttholes and give 'em a nice spray and a nice pray. Have fun!

Collect The Catch Skull

The Catch Skull is inside the tree trunk, so walk-on over to the tree trunk and collect it. It really is that simple at this point, and not hard at all. If you have trouble with the Hunters, you can also pick it up by skillfully avoiding the Hunter's attacks and nabbing it that way. This is less fun, though, so we wouldn't recommend it.

Well, there you have it... The Catch Skull is in your arsenal, ready to be activated and wreak utter devastation on yourself and your foes. It's a pretty shocking little skull, this one, even if it is insanely easy to pick up, and will make things especially difficult when you attempt that LASO playthrough, that's for sure. Well, in the end, that's what the Scorpion Tank Gun exploit is for, isn't it?