Where is the Grunt Birthday Party Skull Location in Halo Infinite?

It's time to buy a cake and find yourself the Grunt Birthday Party Skull in Halo Infinite. Where is it, what does it do, and how do you get it?
Halo grunt birthday party
"You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time!" | © 343 Industries

Everybody, shake your body, it's time to party. Why? It's time for Grunt's Birthday Party, it's time to get that Skull we've all been waiting for since we started writing these Skull guides. Halo Infinite is chock-a-block full of a large assortment of Skulls, but nothing is more iconic than the Grunt Birthday Party Skull. Step aside, Cowbell, step aside Boom! I Would Have Been Your Daddy? Fork off! It's dancin' Grunt time...

So, what's the deal with this bad-boy? What does it actually do? Well, it's kind of a pain in the backside, but in quite a fun way. We'll get into exactly what the Grunt Birthday Party Skull does in the next paragraph, and then we'll take a detailed look into where it is, how you get it, and perhaps a few tips and tricks for what you could do with it once it's in your arsenal. Let's stop rambling, and let's dive right-on-in!

What is the Grunt Birthday Party Skull in Halo Infinite?

Once activated, the Grunt Birthday Party Skull causes Grunts to explode into a huge spray of confetti when you headshot them. This is a missable Skull, as you can only find it in The Repository, and is a whole lot of fun to be honest. We absolutely love the Grunt Birthday Party Skull for one reason and one reason only: it's insanely fun, and insanely impressive, at the same darn time! Seriously, this is a classic Skull and we're so happy that it has made its return in Halo Infinite...

How to Get the Grunt Birthday Party Skull in Halo Infinite?

If you follow these next couple of steps, you will be able to get yourself this wonderful, sexy Skull. The Grunt Birthday Party Skull is missable, only available in The Repository, and so you need to make sure that you have not already completed this quest. Remember: in Halo Infinite, you cannot replay missions. Thus, make sure to follow these instructions carefully.

Start "The Repository" Mission

The Grunt Birthday Party Skull is a missable Skull that you can only complete when playing through "The Repository", which is the twelfth mission in the game. Make sure that you read this guide before continuing with the mission, so that you don't miss anything.

Make it to the Large Open Room

At one point during the mission you will enter a massive circular room with doors on the east, west, and straight ahead. You will have to activate a terminal in the middle, at which point you will hear a threatening message and Banished will arrive to attack you. Once you have defeated them, move on to the next step.

Grappleshot to the East Door

Once you have finished fighting, use the Grappleshot to get yourself to the room's eastern door. It is a bit tricky, and will require some pretty great Grappleshot skills to be successful. You'll figure it out, though, it's just trial and error.

Collect the Power Seed

Proceed through the door and you will find yourself in a hallway, at the end of this hallway is a Power Seed. Make sure to pick up the Power Seed and remember that you can still Grappleshot whilst holding the seed, but you can't shoot.

Grappleshot to the West Door

Now head over the the western door, using a complicated series of Grappleshots to shoot your way to the other side of the room. You may encounter more enemies. Make sure to carefully put down the Power Seed and then take them out.

Insert the Power Seed

Enter the room that's on the other side of the western door, and wander to the back of the room on the right-hand side. You will find an input (or crucible) here, so insert the Power Seed in here.

Continue With the Mission

Once you have inserted this Power Seed, you will hear a clicking noise, confirming that it worked. You will find that nothing actually happens, but don't worry. Just continue the mission, and keep reading this guide.

Enter the Golden Rooms

A little while later you will have quite a lengthy discussion with The Weapon. That Power Seed you plugged in earlier? Well they activated some platforms. Once that conversation is over, you will notice the two ascending platforms I am referring to. Jump onto these platforms and you will find yourself in a series of mirrored golden rooms. A lot of enemies will now spawn.

Fight the Enemies

To access the Skull, you need to kill all of the enemies in these Golden Rooms. We recommend using as many grenades as possible. Honestly, it is a decently difficult fight. Use as many grenades as you can, and blast your way through the enemies.

Collect the Grunt Birthday Party Skull

Once you have killed all of the enemies, you can continue into the next room. Scan, as usual, and then pick up the Skull. Easy, right? Well, not really. Worth it? Hell yes!

For those of you who are too darn lazy to ready this incredibly detailed guide, check out this quick video guide. I will judge you, though...

So, there you have it: the Grunt Birthday Party Skull is yours, and yours only. It's in your arsenal and ready to celebrate Halo Infinite's adorable Grunts in all of their hilarious glory. Now you are also one step closer to that classic LASO playthrough we all want to complete. Oh, and if you are now at the stage where you can try that out, don't forget to use this crazy Scorpion Tank Gun exploit to get through it much easier! We love you all, and we love the Grunt Birthday Party Skull!