Where is the Thunderstorm Skull Location in Halo Infinite?

The Thunderstorm Skull is pretty darn hardcore, but can be incredibly rewarding as well.
Halo infinite thunderstorm skull
How do I get the Thunderstorm Skull in Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

There are just so many darn Skulls in Halo Infinite. To be specific, there are twelve Skulls in the game. Each of them add or subtract from the experience, and all of them have one perfect justification for their activation: a perfect LASO playthrough. We've covered a lot of them, from the Boom Skull to the Mythic Skull, but now it's time to cover the Thunderstorm Skull. What's the deal?

The Thunderstorm Skull is a pretty hardcore little bugger. I mean, why would you want this activated unless you want to be challenged to your absolute core? Honestly, you sadist. If you want this kind of difficult, jump into the multiplayer and try to complete all of those ridiculous challenges each week. I jest, though, Skull collecting is pretty darn fun, actually...

What Is The Thunderstorm Skull in Halo Infinite?

The Thunderstorm Skull will increase the rank of most enemies in the game's campaign. That means that every single enemy that you encounter will be at least a little bit smarter, tougher, more accurate, faster, and more of a pain in the arse. Basically, this is the equivalent of turning up your difficulty a bit, and it is certainly one of the biggest pains in the bottom that Halo Infinite can send your way.

How To Get The Thunderstorm Skull in Halo Infinite

If you follow the next couple of steps, you'll be able to abuse the hell out of yourself with the Thunderstorm Skull. This is actually one of the easiest Skulls to reach in the entire game, but will make the rest of your time in Halo Infinite a complete pain in the bollocks.

Make Your Way to the Thunderstorm Skull Location

The Thunderstorm Skull is located between Reformation and Graveyards, near to where the Pelican Down mission took place. Check out this map to see its exact location, get your ass there, and then follow my next few instructions.

Thunderstorm skull location
Check out the Thunderstorm Skull location in Halo Infinite. | © 343 Industries / EarlyGame

Locate the Highest Peak

Take a look around, mate. The Thunderstorm Skull is located at the highest peak in the area, on the very top of the highest weird metal pillar thing at this particular location. I think you know what I'm about to ask you to do, don't you?

Grappleshot to the Top and Collect

Get out your Grappleshot and zip-on-up to the top of that Pillar as quickly as you can. Alternatively you can also use a flying vehicle if you want/have access to one. Once you are at the top, scan for the Skull, pick it up, and get on with your day.

For those of you who lack the ability to read this incredibly thorough and beautiful guide, check out this quick video guide.

Well, there you have it! The Thunderstorm Skull's location in Halo Infinite is relatively hard to see without a guide, but once you know where it is, it is very easy to collect. Once you have this equipped, as well as every other Skull, don't forget to use that hilarious Scorpion Gun exploit to LASO your way through the campaign with ease.